Trendspotting: Happy Birthday Benten

My husband and I walk to the same park nearly every day. I like to call it Marly Park, but for some reason no one else seems to call it that. (Sounds like a personal problem to me.)

Isn’t it beautiful? It has a walking trail that goes around the periphery. The hubby and I like to walk the two pooches on this trail. Usually twice a day! (I know, I know. Our dogs are so spoiled.)

The kids flock to the pirate ship playground. Unless you’re at the park early in the morning like I was on this day.

But do you see what I see? The writing on the path?

No, not the arrow. Although that is rather intriguing. It makes me want to look to the right to see if something is coming up next (I’m such a sucker for things like that).

Yes! This is what caught my eye…and made me run home for my camera. (OK, I didn’t technically “run”…but I walked very fast.)

Benten. I haven’t seen this name before. I looked it up on a couple of name trending sites and it hasn’t appeared on the top 1000 boy’s names, well, ever. The Baby Name Wizard did indicate that Benton was on its list, but the popularity of that name died in the 1970’s. The name Bentley shows an uptick beginning around 2007.

My daughter said she’s heard the name Benten (or Benton) in school so I’m just curious if we’re spotting a new trend. Some people like to follow fashion trends. Others follow home furnishing. I guess there’s trends for us all. I love discussing name trends. Have any of you heard this name? Inquiring minds want to know!

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