Vegan Iced Latte

There are many ways to start a day but one of my daughter’s favorites happens to be a Vegan Iced Latte. It’s one of the simplest recipes you’ll find on my site and not too bad on the calories or cost either. Come to think of it, that makes it one of my favorite ways to start the day too!

A vegan iced latte with whipped cream and chocolate

I grew up in an economically challenged home. Said in plain english, we were poor. And I guess that’s a relative term because no matter how poor you think you are, there can always be someone less fortunate. I guess the same can be true on the flipside as well.

But when you grow up poor it means you have to be industrious. As a result, the thing I heard most often from my mother was, “I can make it cheaper than that.” That would oftentimes lead to me standing in a recently cut dress with arms extended and my mom looking like the Hellraiser’s scary Pinhead creature with at least a thousand pins sticking out of her mouth mumbling at me, “Don’t move!” As many pins were in her mouth, there were even more more poking into my skin so, believe me, moving was not on my preferred list of activities. In those moments I would remind myself in the future not to say how much I liked this or that dress to prevent any future homespun seamstress excursions.

And then something happened to me. I somehow became my mother. The words slip out of my mouth like the long, outstretched tongue of a tree frog snapping at a fly. No one tells the baby frog how to do that, it just happens. Or like the baby penguin that sees the vast ocean for the first time and hops right in. That’s me. When my daughter shows her appreciation of an iced coffee beverage at the local shop and I see the register ring up for $3.27, I hear myself say “I can make it cheaper than that.”

It’s evolution, people. I can’t fight that!

Adding a little ice to your coffee can be a beautiful thing

And do you know what? Make it cheaper I did.

Of course, I benefited from some good timing. Really good. Because just about the time I was uttering those words to my daughter, Silk was launching it’s new Iced Latte soymilk. Of course, I could have done it all on my own, but why not enjoy the convenience when you can? Convenience can mean a lot…especially to a vegan!

Enjoying a light, refreshing treat of vegan iced coffee with whipped topping

So I know I grow more like my mom every day. Who doesn’t? But at least I don’t have pins sprouting from my mouth. There’s something to be said for that, right?


Soy Iced Latte



  1. Begin by removing your Soyatoo Rice Whipped Topping from the fridge. It needs some time to warm up before you use it.
  2. Next combine the 1 cup of Vanilla Soy Iced Latte and 1 cup of ice in a blender. Use the ice crushing speed to blend the two ingredients together until you have a nice, slushy consistency without too many icy chunks to mix it up.
  3. While that settles and you’re still waiting for the whipped topping to warm up, combine the chocolate chips and 2 tablespoons of soy iced latte milk in a small microwave-safe bowl. Heat this for mabye 11 seconds or so. Remove from the microwave and stir. You’ll be left with a nice, thick chocolate latte sauce for the top.
  4. By now your Rice Whipped Topping should be ready to be used. To make sure, shake the container back and forth vigorously. You should feel the contents inside the container move with your shaking. If so, you should be ready to use the container. If you press the button and all you get is air, shake it some more. When you’re ready, cover the top of your iced coffee generously with the whipped topping.
  5. You can drizzle the sides of your glass with some of the chocolate sauce, then pour the iced latte mixture into the glass, top generously with whipped topping, and drizzle with more of the chocolate sauce.
  6. Get ready for a fabulous day!

All in all, this recipe will set you back about 150 calories. Not too shabby! And the cost isn’t so bad either considering the soy milk and whipped topping together was about $10. You can make at least 7 iced lattes with these ingredients, and that amounts to less than $1.50 per beverage. Try finding a deal like that at your corner coffee shop! Or just give this one a try. You’ll be glad you did!

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3 Responses to Vegan Iced Latte

  1. Hi! I am not a vegan, but recently I started enjoying tofu and the likes. Anyways, I stumbled upon your website after searching for tofu recipes/what tofu to buy and this website is AWESOME! I am sorry, but I am not vegan. But, your website has me trying all these new “vegan” recipes and LOVING IT! Please do not leave this website ever. I do not know what I would do without your magnificent recipes. LOL!

    • Sarah – you just made my day! I will be dancing around on cloud 20 (what’s with this cloud 9 obsession anyway), and my family will think I’m crazy. But you and I will know the reason for my giddiness. By the way, I fully believe you don’t have to dive into the pool to appreciate the water. 😉

  2. Since the Silk Latte product sadly disappeared, do you have a recipe for a Silk latte that starts from Silk soy milk?


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