The Plant-Based Vegan

I chose some characters that represent classic versions of each the Three Types of Vegan. This post shares resources for The Plant-Based Vegan. Curious about which celebrity profile this covers? Want some ideas for plant-based recipes? Or how about a meal plan for the week? It’s all provided below.

If you’re plant-based, your fire burns hot, friend! You’re into healthy foods for the health of it, not because it’s the recent fad. You could have a minor in nutrition based on all the knowledge you’ve acquired by listening to podcasts, frequent visits to Dr. Greger’s, reading articles, and so on. 

Your Why

Plant-based vegans crave organic, healthy food. You bypass processed faux meats or cheeses in your diet. In fact, you prefer to make your cheeses from nuts or beans. You’ll get healthy fats from avocados in your baked goods rather than using processed, dairy-free butter.

That’s motivation!

Plant-Based Vegan Wants

You want tasty dishes that are uber healthy, and you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen!

That means you don’t mind searching for the right ingredients. In fact, you prefer making most of your meals homemade, including your own homemade dairy-free ice creams and cheeses.

The Plant-Based Vegan:

Celebrity Profile: Darryl Hannah
Cartoon Character: Lisa Simpson
Celebrity Vegan Chef: Chad Sarmo

Below are some recipes from Namely Marly that will have you doing your plant-based happy dance.

Plant-Based Vegan Recipes

Are you ready for delicious plant-based recipes? All the dishes below are made with wholesome, minimally processed ingredients. That’s a win-win!

Breakfast Recipes

Lunch Recipes

Sides Recipes

Dinner Recipes

Appetizer Recipes

Dessert Recipes

Peace out, Plant-Based Vegans!