The Fearless Vegan

I’ve identified Three Kinds of Vegans to help people who are transitioning or maintaining a vegan diet to better understand the types of foods and recipes they’re into. This post provides recipes and resources for the Fearless Vegan.

If this is you, well, friend, you know how to create the flow. A Fearless Vegan is not interested in compromising flavor. You may have a cassave flour pizza crust, but you’re more than willing to have some processed faux vegan sausage and vegan mozzarella cheese dripping on the plate.

Your Why

Sure, you crave healthy food, but you want a variety of vegan, gourmet dishes. You care about your health, the environment, AND the welfare of animals, but you also like the curb appeal of veganism. You enjoy standing out from the crowd. That means being a Fearless Vegan is a part of your identity.

That’s cool. I get you!

Fearless Vegan Wants

You want to try all the latest and greatest ingredients, and you don’t mind searching for them. Black quinoa? Check! Hemp seeds? Got it! Cashew Milk? Bring it on. The new Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream will definitely be on your weekend to-do list.

A vegan danish sits on a plate. It has blueberry filling and vanilla glaze on top.

Fearless Vegan Recipes

Whether you’re new to a vegan diet, been around a while, or just coming and going as you please, it’s good to have a variety of recipes to try. Here are some recipes from Namely Marly that will get you jonesing.

Vegan Breakfast

Lunch Recipes

Dinner Recipes

Dessert Recipes


Rock on, Fearless Vegans!