What Kind of Vegan Are You?

Take our Vegan Quiz to determine which of the identified vegan types best suits you: Convenient Vegan, Fearless Vegan, or a Plant-Based Vegan. With answers to just a few questions, you’ll find out an answer to the question…what kind of vegan are you?

Why take the Vegan Quiz? Because knowing your type can help you better identify recipes and resources to help you in your day-to-day life.

Take, for example, eating out.

  • Plant-based vegan — You will want to choose restaurants that provide salad options and maybe even some plant-based side dishes liked baked potatoes.
  • Fearless Vegan — You may be a little more adventurous and will opt for a restaurant that provides vegan cheeses.
  • Convenient Vegan — You will be happy to order vegan cheeses and faux meat products or veggie burgers with fries.

Knowing your type can also help you when selecting recipes. There’s more about all three of these types below, but first, take The Vegan Quiz to identify which best fits you and your lifestyle. Write your answers on a piece of paper.

What kind of vegan are you? Take the Vegan Type Quiz on Namely Marly today to find out!

Vegan Quiz

What would you choose as your main reason for wanting to…or being vegan?

  1. I want to be as healthy as possible.
  2. I think vegans are cool. Besides, I enjoy being a little difficult (at least sometimes).
  3. I like animals and all, but I really care about the environment and want to do my part.

If asked to bring a “dish to share” at an upcoming social event, which of these sounds like the one you’d want to bring?

  1. Organic carrot and cranberry raisin energy balls, with all-natural ingredients, sweetened with dates and carob chips. People will say, “that’s so healthy!”
  2. Artichoke and Spinach Dip with a creamy vegan sauce served with blue corn tortilla chips. I want people to ooh and ahh over what I bring!
  3. Vegan hot wings with plant-based blue cheese dressing and sriracha for dipping. I want people to say, “That’s vegan?”

You’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. Do you:

  1. Not allow any meat or animal products in your home, insisting everyone at plant-based like you?
  2. Make some memorable and enticing vegan dishes and sides for yourself and invite friends/family to bring what they want?
  3. Throw a Tofurkey loaf in the oven for yourself and have others bring the stuffing and bread and you’ll eat their side dishes?

What would be your perfect vegan breakfast?

  1. A smoothie with spinach, banana, dates, and orange juice
  2. Overnight oatmeal served with berries and dairy-free yogurt
  3. A vegan biscuit sandwich with veggie sausage, vegan mayo, and vegan cheese

Lunch rolls around and your friends are going out. You join them and order:

  1. Simple field greens salad with steamed broccoli, almonds, and some dairy-free vinaigrette dressing.
  2. A side salad with spiced pecans, apples, sweet mustard dressing, and a baked potato with broccoli.
  3. An Impossible Burger with avocados and crispy french fries on the side.

When preparing dinner, what are the most important criteria for selecting a recipe?

  1. Whole, plant-based ingredients. There may be some chopping, but you prefer the best tasting and healthy dinners.
  2. Organic, exotic ingredients. They may be pricey, but you prefer the best-tasting dinners that entice your taste buds and dazzles your palate.
  3. Convenient ingredients. You can find them at your local grocery store, Target or Walmart. Better yet? You can make the meal in under 30 minutes. Hello, Gardein and Daiya!

Regarding the taste of the food you prepare. You want your vegan dishes to:

  1. Taste wholesome and filling. Your goal is to get plant-based nutrients. Your taste buds will follow.
  2. Have an explosion of flavors so that one bite leads to another. Your goal is to combine the best and most appealing flavors. You love exploring new dishes.
  3. You want your vegan food to taste familiar, like the food you grew up eating. Hello, mac and cheese!

Your preference for eating out:

  1. Eat at home, so I control what goes into what I eat.
  2. I like a mixture — I like to eat at home, but I don’t want my diet to limit my ability to eat at my favorite restaurants.
  3. I’d eat out every meal if I could afford it.

If you’re considering the lifestyle side of vegan

  1. I do research and try never to buy things with known animal products in them.
  2. Most of my stuff is animal-free, but I have some high-quality leather that stands the test of time better than cheap, man-made (and petroleum-based) materials.
  3. I don’t mind buying manmade material products if they’re readily available, but I’m not going to look at labels. Maybe someday.

My main health goals are:

  1. I want to eat as healthy as possible so that I can feel my very best.
  2. I feel best when I’m with friends or family, so I want a healthy diet that’s flexible.
  3. Well, I don’t want to have a heart attack tomorrow or anything, but I want my food to taste good and convenient. Otherwise, no thanks.

You’re packing your lunch for today. Which would you choose:

  1. A salad with berries, lemon juice for dressing, and walnuts. A pear for dessert.
  2. A buddha bowl with brown rice, steamed broccoli, red peppers, and topped with vegan cheese shreds and a creamy green goddess dressing with an artisan whole wheat bun on the side. A Larabar for dessert.
  3. A veggie burger on a whole wheat bun with a bag of chips and some Oreos for dessert.

You’re on a once in a lifetime trip to France. You’re trying to decide where to go for breakfast. You choose:

  1. Checking your app for vegan restaurants
  2. The best organic restaurant that everyone’s raving about
  3. Whatever they recommend at your hotel. You’re in France and you’re going to have a croissant whether it’s made with butter or not!

You go to the movies with a friend. Here’s what you snack on during the flick:

  1. Homemade air-popped popcorn with sea salt and some yellow raisins that you snuck in.
  2. Home air-popped popcorn with vegan butter and vegan parmesan and dark chocolate pieces.
  3. Movie theatre popcorn and skittles.

Quiz Analysis

Thanks for taking the Vegan Type Quiz. Count how many times you chose A, B, and C:

A total:                    

B total:                     

C total:                     

Your score has mostly As, you’re a Plant-Based Vegan

Mostly Bs? You’re a Fearless Vegan

Mostly Cs? You’re a Convenient Vegan

If you have a close score in two areas, you’re a mix of two types, with your higher score being the slightly stronger one. Click on the links above to learn more about what it means to be each type.

Also, if you’re interested in sharing more information about your transition to a vegan lifestyle, please take our Vegan Diet Transitions Survey.