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The Namely Marly Podcast is a great opportunity for busy people to connect with Marly and her passion for living a creative lifestyle. This includes her discussions on vegan diet, lifestyle advice, following your passions, and more, all in a high-quality audio format. You can download the app for your phone and listen on the go, or choose the player on the Namely Marly site.

Marly’s guests have included Dr. Greger talking about his book “How Not to Die,Matt Frazier of No-Meat Athlete, Victoria Moran of Main Street Vegan, and more! Or listen to Marly’s solo episodes where she shares about her personal journey with diet, health, weight loss, and creativity. Marly shares in audio format some of the best snippets from her blog, including how she makes green smoothies and incorporates them into her everyday diet.

Namely Marly Podcast Episode 50: Facing Your Fears | Photo credit: Leio McLaren

Marly Minute: Facing Your Fears

If facing your fears is something that’s holding you back, this podcast/post will share about common fears and ways to break through to a better life! Today I’m talking about my own fears and the way I deal with them. I hope you resonate with some of my story too!

Heather Nicholds is on the Namely Marly Podcast talking about Getting Protein from Plants

NMP#49 Protein From Plants with Heather Nicholds

But where do you get your protein? That’s the number one question most vegans hear. And today, Heather Nicholds has a very simple answer: Get your protein from plants! That’s the title of her new book and that’s what we’re talking about; getting protein from plants.

Robin Schaper is on the Namely Marly Podcast talking about Saying Goodbye to Meat.

NMP#47: Saying Goodbye to Meat with Robin Schaper

Marly encourages Saying Goodbye to Meat with her guest, Robin Schaper, vegan author. They discuss Robin’s book and ways you can give up meat to live a healthier life, make an environmental impact, and improve the lives of countless animals.

Defining Vegan with Diana Fleischman on the Namely Marly Podcast.

NMP#45: Defining Vegan with Diana Fleischman

What is a vegan? Is it defined by what they eat? Or the goal of reducing animal cruelty? Marly speaks with Dr. Diana Fleischman on Defining Vegan to discuss expanding the ways people can participate in reducing animal cruelty in their diet.

Creating Healthy Families with Dr. Julia Nordgren

NMP#44: Creating Healthy Families with Dr. Julia Nordgren

How do parents react to an obese child? Because this situation can have a life-long impact on that child, following him or her into adulthood. I spoke with Pediatrician and professionally-trained chef, Dr. Julia Nordgren for advice. Creating healthy families is a discussion about family dialog, becoming more active, and understanding the implications of our food choices.

Vegan Shopping Essentials: Plant-Based Protein Powders

Vegan Shopping Essentials: Plant-Based Protein Powders

Protein. It’s the question most softened asked of vegans. Where do you get it? What’s your source of protein? Well, we get protein from a lot of sources, and lately I’ve been experimenting with a new one. Protein Powders. If you’re interested in adding more protein to your diet, you’ll want to check out this Vegan Shopping Essentials: Plant-Based Protein Powders guide.

Adee is on the Namely Marly podcast talking about Vegan Social Challenges

NMP#42: Vegan Social Challenges with Adee

Learn how to navigate the some-times awkward vegan moments with this discussion on Vegan Social Challenges. I invited Adee on the Namely Marly Podcast so we could talk about what it was like to turn vegan as a 14-year old. She discusses awkward moments from high school, and her continued passion for her vegan life.