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Do you find yourself spending too much time searching for things? Are you losing time as a result? Change your environment and you’ll get your creative energy back on track. That’s advice I learned from my Interview with Julie Morgenstern. If you’ve ever had issues with managing your time or if you’ve ever wanted your life or your house to be a little more organized, today’s podcast is for you.  That’s because today’s guest is Julie Morgenstern. Julie is a NY Times best-selling author, consultant, speaker, media personality, and an organizational guru.

Julie Morgenstern Organizing and Time Management Guru and guest on the Namely Marly Podcast

I’m so excited to share with you my conversation with Julie Morgenstern. Of course Julie is so intriguing because of her expertise in organizing and time management. Who doesn’t want to be more organized? Who doesn’t want to manage their time more efficiently? But I was just as intrigued to hear how Julie began her professional life as a theatre director, producer and performer. An artist turned organizational guru? Now you’ve got my attention.

Julie describes how after her baby was born, she knew she needed a career that allowed for more family time. She realized then that all her years of managing and directing theatre troupes, producers, actors, etc. had honed her skills for organization and time management. She also realized that these very skills were the things that businesses were looking for. So she hung out her consultant shingle and began building her career helping others be more organized. Today she is a highly sought after consultant. In fact, The USA Today calls her “the queen of putting people’s lives in order.”

What I love about Julie is her perspective. Coming from an artistic background, she truly understands the artistic process. But she also knows what it takes to get things done.

A creative person is a creative person. It’s in you. It has nothing to do to with your environment. You’re not getting amazing things done because of the chaos, you’re getting things done in spite of the chaos. My creativity was so strong it ascended above the chaos. After becoming organized, my creativity continued to flow.

Julie Morgenstern

In addition to working with clients and businesses, she’s also written books (see the links below) on topics like Organizing from the Inside Out.

Featured Content – Interview with Julie Morgenstern

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Julie:

  • How Julie felt so disorganized in her graduate school years and wished she somebody could help her become more organized.
  • How Julie felt like a sell-out when she gave up her career in theatre, but since then has found fulfillment in developing her own business, helping other people became more organized.
  • Julie’s mantra that whatever you do, you should commit to bringing your whole self with you.
  • How to be a creative, right-brained person who can also be organized and develop strong business skills.
  • How Julie looks at organizing as art, recognizing how each person needs to find a process that fits them best.
  • How self doubt can lead to procrastination.
  • How to deal with daily distractions.
  • Julie’s prescription for designing the best office space for you to do your best work.
  • Julie’s number one tip for being the most productive!
  • How being organized doesn’t squelch creativity, it frees it.
  • The mindset shift that needs to take place to help you be more organized.
  • Julie talks about what she sees as the main thing that holds people back the most in their physical space.
  • Why Julie believes organizing is as dynamic as a human life.
  • The difference between systems designed for storage vs. systems designed for retrieval
  • Finally, we talk about inspiration and what inspires Julie each day.


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