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Hi! I’m Marly McMillen. I’m the founding editor, author, recipe developer, vegan home chef, and food stylist behind Namely Marly.

I’m so pleased that Namely Marly has become a trusted source of vegan recipes and a popular site worldwide. My recipes are viewed millions of times a year and I’m so grateful to you and every member of my audience for your support and dedication.

Namely Marly — Where Vegan Meets Delicious!

It’s true that vegan has a reputation — it’s costly, it’s time-consuming, it’s not so tasty. But I’m here to change all that. I like to say that Namely Marly is where Vegan Meets Delicious!

At Namely Marly you can expect easy vegan recipes with detailed instructions so you can be the plant-based pro in your kitchen!

About Marly McMillen

I’ve always had a passion for food, and I wanted to be in the kitchen learning to make dishes myself. It didn’t take long before I was the “head chef” of our family’s day-to-day meals.

I recently heard an exchange between Steven Colbert and Billy Crystal about how they both lost their father at a young age. And they both chose humor as a coping mechanism. More specifically, they wanted to make their mom laugh as a way to help her feel better. As a result, comedians were born.

When I heard that, I realized that was my preoccupation with food. I couldn’t fix the sometimes highly complicated and difficult issues going on in my family, but I could feed them. That’s where the very beginnings of my passion for food and feeding people began.

I grew up in a small town and I had no idea a person could go to school to be a chef. But I made up for that later in life. Despite a successful corporate career including a stint as COO, I attending cooking school to earn knowledge, skills, and certificates in plant-based cooking and vegan desserts.

After I went vegan, my desire to return to the kitchen was in full force. And that’s what you’ll find here on this site — my passion for food, for healing, for nurturing, and for creating community!

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Getting Around This Site

We created a Recipe Finder for you to help you find whatever vegan recipe you’re looking for.

In addition, each recipe has handy conversions for metric, quantity, printing options, and even timers for cooking purposes.

You’ll find all kinds of Vegan Resources, including this Guide to Vegan Baking and this Dairy-Free Chocolate Chips Guide.

Namely Marly in the Press

We’re so honored that our work has been featured in:

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The Namely Marly Team

Marly and Shawn

We’re actually more than just Marly around here. To be exact we’re made up of Marly and her husband, Shawn.

Shawn is more than just hubby, friend, and tennis hitting partner to Marly, he’s also the photographer, website developer, and graphic designer at Namely Marly.

Beginning in 2015, Shawn’s been the man behind the lens snapping up photos of our food, DIY, Entertainment, and more. He’s also the tech guru. He writes, performs, and records the music for the Namely Marly podcast and does all the technical setup for recordings and processing as well.


If you’d like to connect, use our contact form or leave a comment on one of our posts. We read each every one! You can also send an email to marly at namely marly dot com.

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