Main Dishes

When you want a delicious plant-based dinner, you need a resource for the best Vegan Main Dishes available. It's not a surprise because the main dish is the star of the dinner table. These vegan main dish recipes are bound to impress!

  • Vegan Taco Meat

    20 mins total

    Make the best vegan taco meat, with generous seasoning, beans, and corn! Serve this tasty taco filling on your plant-based tacos, salads, burritos, nachos, and more!

  • Vegan Pizza Dough

    80 mins total

    Calling for vegan pizza delivery is not always easy. No problem! Make this easy vegan pizza dough instead. You’ll love the soft, homemade pizza crust that’s crispy in all the right places.

  • Vegan Minestrone Soup

    60 mins total

    This amazing Vegan Minestrone recipe is one of the best vegetable soups you’ll make! You’ll love this thick, hearty, vegetable-infused soup that includes beans and pasta. It’s a soup that the whole family will love!

  • Is Tofu Keto Friendly?

    Is tofu keto? Learn the answer to that and more ways to reduce carbs while on a vegan diet. These low carb, keto-friendly tofu recipes are a great way to enjoy your food on a keto diet!

  • Vegan Chicken

    106 mins total

    This super-easy Vegan Chicken recipe has fantastic texture and flavor! Serve fillets in a lemon sauce or add it to your veggie stir fry.

  • Vegan Cauliflower Soup Recipe

    40 mins total

    This vegan cheesy cauliflower soup is so creamy I even serve it over a baked potato with a little steamed broccoli on top. It’s equally delicious in a bowl, slowly savoring one spoonful after another.

  • Vegan Alfredo Sauce

    60 mins total

    Looking for the creamiest vegan alfredo sauce ever? Well, grab your forks, because Alfredo Sauce is dairy free and perfect served over fettuccine noodles, steamed broccoli, breadsticks, and more!

  • Sofritas Recipe

    30 mins total

    This amazingly delicious Chipotle Sofritas recipe is SO good because it’s SO easy to make and tastes just like what they serve at Chipotle!

  • Vegan Cauliflower Recipes

    It’s time to expand your horizons with these Vegan Cauliflower Recipes. Not only will you love how easy it is to make cauliflower recipes vegan, but the variety of recipes will tickle your taste buds!

  • Vegan Sushi

    50 mins total

    This vegan sushi is easy to make thanks to step-by-step instructions and a simple list of ingredients. Learn how to make a delicious sushi roll that’s perfect for beginners.

  • How to Cut Cauliflower

    4 mins total

    Do you ever wonder what’s the most efficient way to go about with cauliflower once you get it home from the store? This How to Cut Cauliflower guide will come in handy, including tricks for cutting it just right and recipes too!

  • Vegan Potato Soup

    50 mins total

    You’re going to love the rich flavor and cheesy consistency of this delicious Vegan Potato Soup. Serve it with croutons, veggie bacon and even vegan cheese shreds on top!