When it comes to Vegan Cakes, you'll find what you're looking for here! Whether it's an indulgent Vegan Chocolate Cake, this Vegan Strawberry Cake, or a simple Wacky Cake recipe, we've got you covered!

  • Pumpkin Spice Cake

    55 mins total

    Make this Pumpkin Spice Cake with dairy-free cream cheese frosting. You’ll be enjoying this easy, yet indulgent cake in less than an hour.

  • Easy Vegan Coconut Cake Recipe

    55 mins total

    This delicious Vegan Coconut Cake is the perfect combination of sweet coconut, creamy frosting, and vanilla cake

  • Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe with Vegan Frosting

    40 mins total

    Make this incredibly moist vegan carrot cake recipe and you’ll see why it’s our favorite. It’s creamy, delicious, and topped with a sinfully sweet vegan cream cheese frosting. Bake this classic layered carrot cake recipe complete with chopped walnuts, cinnamon spice and the ultimate tangy cream cheese frosting today!

  • Raspberry Coconut Cake

    60 mins total

    You’ll want to pull out all the stops for this love-filled Vegan Raspberry Zinger Coconut Cake. A crowd-pleaser for sure!

  • Orange Turmeric Cake

    50 mins total

    Looking for something a little different? This tasty orange turmeric cake is so easy to make and absolutely delicious! If you’ve found yourself with a bunch of turmeric and wondering what to do with it, why not make a cake! Believe it or not, combined with orange, it’s surprisingly delicious!

  • Wacky Cake Recipe — Easy Chocolate Cake

    35 mins total

    If you’re into chocolate, you’ll love this light and fluffy Vegan Chocolate Wacky Cake that’s topped with a rich, indulgent, chocolate ganache-like frosting.

  • Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

    45 mins total

    Don’t you just love ultra moist cupcakes with all the frosting and all the sprinkles! Well, these Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes makes fluffy, moist vegan cupcakes with LOTS of chocolate flavor! These cupcakes are perfect for parties and celebrations of all kinds!

  • Vegan Red Velvet Cake

    35 mins total

    The most incredible Vegan Red Velvet Cake is moist, soft, buttery, and is topped with a simple, homemade cream cheese frosting. It’s always a crowd favorite!

  • Best Vegan Pound Cake Recipe

    80 mins total

    If you love traditional pound cakes, this Vegan Pound Cake is amazing! It’s the perfect pound cake full of flavor and that dense, but still light texture.

  • The Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Cake

    50 mins total

    This ultimate Vegan Chocolate Cake is delicious, super moist and also easy to make! You don’t have to give it up because of your egg-free, dairy-free diet!

  • Vegan Strawberry Cake Recipe

    100 mins total

    This Vegan Strawberry Cake is loaded with tender, delicate strawberries in every bite. You’ll love the rich, delicious cake topped with strawberry frosting.

  • Easy Vegan Vanilla Frosting Recipe

    15 mins total

    Although many of us tend toward chocolate, there’s a reason to make a switch toward vanilla frosting recipes! You’ll love this creamy, easy vegan vanilla frosting recipe made with only a few ingredients.