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Diggin’ It is our compilation of favorite links, resources, products, and just things that bring us happiness here at Namely Marly!

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Marly Monday: Freedom, Traveling While Vegan, and Meal Planning

In this week’s Marly Monday episode, I’m talking about Freedom, Traveling While Vegan, and Meal Planning. Do you ever feel stifled in the way you live your life? Like you know there’s more but you just don’t know how to get there? I’ve felt that for sure and I’m talking about ways to get past that. I’m also talking about an awesome restaurant we found with some amazing vegan options. That’s always a pleasant surprise while traveling. And finally, meal prepping. Check out what we’re eating this week!

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Marly Monday: Self-Love, Food, and Meal Planning

I’m starting a new series today called Marly Mondays. In this week’s episode, we’re talking about body image and how to apply some self-love to heal years of poor body image. I’m also sharing some photos from our trip to the South Dakota Badlands. We had quite an experience, and we were rewarded with some amazing scenery (and even some bighorn rams!). Finally, we’ll talk about food, including recent recipes, and what our meal prepping looks like this week.

Things we're diggin' in July!

Diggin’ It (July 2015)

I’m Diggin’ It July 2015 is a fun compendium of favorite things from across the internet from the Namely Marly crew, including recipes, health, DIY, and more. Join us!

An ache for distant places quote

I’m Diggin’ It

From Apple Mojitos, to Sweet Potatoes done four ways, to Moroccan Roasted Beets, Black Kicks, Striped Dresses with Khaki Vests, and an ache for distant places…here’s what I’m diggin’ from across the internet this week!

Autumn: the year's last, loveliest smile. Fall Quotes

I’m Diggin’ It

From Denim Jackets over Long Black Dresses, to Braided Nutella Bread, Vegan Cookie Dough for One, and lovely quotes about Autumn, here’s what I’m diggin’ from across the internet this week!

Peonies on Books

I’m Diggin’ It

Saying goodbye to summer with these lovely Peonies, and digging’ on chocolate chip cookie larabars, sesame edamame, hot pink sweaters, and even a White & Orange ping pong conference table. These beautiful things make me happy!