Frozen Drumstick Bites

Summer has taken over my brain…and my stomach which means I am chockfull of ideas for vegan grilling, sandwiches, and no-bake desserts. One of my favorite go-to desserts on hot summer days is ice cream. I can remember hearing the bells of the ice cream truck coming down the street and rushing to the couch to scrounge around for spare change in the cushions and feeling so excited as I ran outside, pushing the kids around me to get first in line to purchase that ice-cold treat. The memory is so fresh in my mind it feels like last week. Oh, maybe that’s because it was. You should have seen the looks I got from some of those moms. Hey! How can I resist frozen banana-flavored koolaid served from a refrigerated truck driven by a strange man I don’t know? However, I feel a little disgusted with myself for being so Pavlovian. I mean, am I going to salivate when I hear the ice cream truck bell ringing? I think not! So I’ve decided to make my own little frozen treats. I’m starting with these Frozen Drumstick Bites.

Frozen Drumstick Bites for hot summer days |

The frozen ice cream drumstick was once the pinnacle of my ice cream eating days. I loved those things! Of course, what’s not to love? A waffle cone filled with ice cream topped with a crunchy chocolate coating with chopped peanuts? That’s my idea of heaven. The only thing I like better than that chocolate coating on the top is the surprise dollop of chocolate at the bottom of the waffle cone. I’m obviously easy to please.

But now things are different. I don’t eat dairy any more. And so I’m left with eating almond, soy or coconut milk based ice creams, usually served in tiny cartons. That means the only Frozen Drumsticks I’m eating are the ones I make myself. And, just in case you’re wondering, I have made some doozies. Check out the links below if you’re curious.

But then one day I thought…why not have a bite-sized Drumstick?

Vegan Frozen Drumstick Bites |

It doesn’t take long for an idea to pop into my head before I’m hankering to make it in real life. Did I just sound like a southern hillbilly there? Well, I am from Missouri. Sometimes you have to unleash a little hilly billy on the world. I mean, we are talking drumsticks here, right?

You can get the recipe for these Frozen Drumstick Bites on Around My Family Table where I’m the guest poster for the day. Bite-sized balls of ice with a crunchy chocolate shell rolled in chopped peanuts is definitely worth the trip!

If you like drumsticks too, maybe I can entice you with these Vegan Vanilla Frozen Drumsticks

Dairy-free drumsticks are a perfect summer treat.

Or maybe you might like these Vegan Chocolate Drumsticks

Vegan Chocolate Drumsticks

Or you can get a little crazy and try these Vegan Green Tea Pistachio Drumsticks

Green Tea Vegan Ice Cream Drumsticks

Whichever frozen tickles your fancy, enjoy!

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  1. This is completely genius!! I have to try these soon!

    • Thanks, Kaitlyn! I have to admit, they’re pretty darn good!


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