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I’m Diggin’ It is a series featuring our favorite things here at Namely Marly. We’re always trying and loving new things…and sharing them with you! It’s been another busy week behind the scenes here at Namely Marly. Adee and I have been working on a fun DIY project centerpiece for our upcoming family reunion that corresponds quite nicely with the Fourth of July. We love this centerpiece so much we might just have to share it as a blog post as well.

We’ve had a lot of storms coming through and as a result, we haven’t had as much outdoor time as we’d like, but Shawn and I have definitely made our way out to the courts to hit. That’s the cool tennis vernacular for practicing tennis. One of the reasons I love tennis is because it combines so many things — exercise, interval training, coordination, learning new skills, the opportunity to act dorky, and just the fun of being outside. In fact, last night we were surprised to see a rainbow off to the east. There were only a few sporadic sprinkles in the air, but yet, it was enough to create a rainbow. How cool!

It made me take pause and say a little thanks for our planet.

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud - a quote graphic by Maya Angelou

Well, let’s get to it. Here are some of my favorite links from the week.

Diggin’ it: The act of recognizing the beautiful things in life that make you happy.

Foodie Links

What’s life without good food. Am I right?

Check out this Vegan Date Night Recipe Roundup by Contentedness Cooking. Date night is my favorite!

And speaking of date night, I think I’m in love with this Vegan Chocolate Cake by Kathy Patalsky on Healthy Happy Life.

Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake by Kathy Patalsky of Happy Healthy Life blog

Isn’t that cake gorgeous?

I’m so into creamy, plant-based popsicles right now. Maybe that’s why these Creamy Coconut and Blood Orange Popsicles by Fork Knife Swoon have me, well, swooning. Well played, FKS!

We’ve already fired up the grill this summer. How about you? I made a delicious veggie burger that worked just great on the grill, even if they did get a little charred around the edges. Hey, the first time using the grill in a while can be a little tricky! And here’s a recipe for Grilled Romaine Salad with Corn and Avocado by Liz of the Floating Kitchen that is definitely on my to-do list. We’ll have to practice on the grill a few more times before we go putting romaine lettuce on it though.

And speaking of veggie burgers, check out this recipe by Gena of Choosing Raw for these  Lentil Tamarind Barbecue Burgers with Chickpea Fries, just in case you’re like me and ready for something a little different.

Bulgogi Pulled Jack Fruit is great on a sandwich!

If you’re into slow cooker recipes, you’ll like my Crockpot Bulgogi Jackfruit recipe. So many people have told me how surprised they are that this is actually vegetarian. It looks like the pulled meat stuff, but no, it’s jackfruit. Yay!

Exercise Links

You know I could talk about food all day…and sometimes I do! But for a change of pace, I thought I’d share with you something a little different. My friend Monique of Ambitious Kitchen and Lee of Fit Foodie Finds has a new 6-week program, the Summer Sweat Series, that combines fitness, food, and fun. And it’s free! If you’re trying to get ready for summer swimsuit season and you’re looking for some motivation to keep you on track, this looks like a great way to do it!

I’m also liking the look of this 21-day Arm-Sculpting Challenge by Pop Sugar. Who doesn’t want great arms for the summer?

And speaking of exercise, the book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John F. Ratey, MD, is definitely on my summer reading list. This book is all about the benefits of breaking a daily sweat through exercise. It’ll help you know why you feel so much better on those days when you get in the workout!

Everything we do and think and feel is governed by how our brain cells, or neurons, connect to one another. What most people think of psychological makeup is rooted in the biology of these connections. Likewise, our thoughts and behavior and environment reflect back on our neurons, influencing the pattern of connections. Far from being hardwired, as scientists once envisioned it, the brain is constantly being rewired. I’m here to teach you how to be your own electrician.

John F Ratey, MD, from the book Spark

Home/Decor Links

I’m no guru when it comes to home decor, but thanks to Pinterest I’ve at least got some ideas to work from. I’ve been mulling over some home decorating projects, one of which would be to redo our laundry room.

I’ve also been trying to find some inspiration for our bedroom. For me, finding a picture of another setup has always been the first step. It doesn’t mean I copy it exactly, but it becomes a nice frame of reference. Adee pointed me to this gorgeous Royal Blue Bedroom with Sea Foam Accents, and I knew we had a winner.

I'm Diggin' It is a series featuring our favorite things here at Namely Marly. We're always trying and loving new things...and sharing them with you!

So this is now the inspiration I will use to update our bedroom. I know for sure I won’t be doing curtains — I’m not a fan of the curtain. 🙂 I’ll be sure to share with you the updates as we go along to let you know what I come up with.

Blogging Links

If you’re a blogger or online entrepreneur, there seems to be no end to the amount of things we have to keep up on. That’s why I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogging tips I’ve been reading lately.

I just discovered the blog She Takes Over the World where online entrepreneur Natalie McPherson shares some excellent (and fun) tips for bloggers or anyone who has to put themselves out there on a regular basis. It’s not as easy as it would seem so having someone speak to the motivation and courage needed is really helpful.

I also love this post by Davida of the Healthy Maven, How Do You Monetize a Mess? It’s all about the crossover between perfectionism and blogging, which becomes even more important when you begin monetizing your brand. The pressure for perfectionism is a force to be reckoned with, and yet, finding ways to be real and authentic are just as critical.

Sometimes life is just messy; It’s heavy on words and feelings and low on picture-perfect memories. It’s emotional and tumultuous and goes far beyond what can be captured in 140 characters or a square picture box. But it’s real. Take comfort in the fact that we’re all in it together, myself included, even if those aren’t the moments we’re sharing on the internet.

Davida of The Healthy Maven
Amy Lynn Andrews was interviewed for the Chopped Podcast about Top SEO Strategies for Food Bloggers

And how about a little SEO discussion to sum up all these blogging tips? I interviewed Amy Lynn Andrews for the Chopped Podcast and we talked about Top SEO Strategies for Food Bloggers. Amy provides lots of great tips. I hope you like it!

Also, there’s another new site I want to mention that’s sharing some great blogging advice, The Blogger Project. Click on Resources to see some of their tips on things like How to Start a Blog and moreI’m loving it!

Well, we’ve covered everything from food to exercise, to home decor and blogging. I think that’ll do it for today’s edition of I’m Diggin’ It.


I’m Diggin’ It is my compilation of favorite things from across the internet. Leave links to your favorite digs of the day in the comments…or just follow along for fun!

Thanks for stopping by!


4 Responses to I’m Diggin’ It

  1. Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyLiz @ Floating Kitchen Reply

    Thanks for the grilled salad love! I know you’ll nail it on the first try, even if you’re out of grilling practice! 🙂

    • Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyMarly

      Thanks, Liz. I can’t wait to give your grilled salad a try!

  2. Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyDavida @ The Healthy Maven Reply

    You are so lovely, Marly! Thank you for sharing my post and I totally agree that we all need to include some outtakes with every recipe. How awesome would that be?!

    Off to listen to this week’s chopped podcast!

    When you’re done redoing your bedroom, wanna come do mine? It’s in major need of a spruce up!

    • Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyMarly

      Thanks, Davida! So glad you like the podcast. Also, in the spirit of true “love your mess” authenticity, my bedroom looks nothing like that picture. I do try to make my bed most days, and I call it a win and move on! 🙂

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