Should Vegans Eat Pie?

Today is the first day of Vegan Pie Week on Namely Marly. I’m more than a little excited. You can scroll down to the bottom of this post to see all the delicious recipes I’ll be sharing with you this week.

Even with all the work put into providing you this Vegan Pie Week extravaganza (that I’m affectionally referring to as Piemaggedon or Piepocalypse), as I sat down this morning to write in my journal, the question that kept coming up to me was this: Should vegans eat pie?

Should Vegans Eat Pie? Find the answers on Namely Marly

Are the two subjects — Vegans and Pie — at opposite ends of the buffet table?

There are those who believe when you  take up the Vegan Mantra, sign the vegan charter (by the way, there is no vegan charter), that you have to be 100% pure and virtuous in every bite, 100% of the time.

And you know what? They’re right.

If that’s what works for them, I say go for it.

But for the rest of us? The ones who want a little spice to life? The ones who want mashed potatoes, stuffing and Seven Layer Salad on Thanksgiving? I like to refer to us as the GET REAL VEGANS…and you know what? We want a little pie on our dessert table!

What’s the Deal with Veganism and Dessert?

Because here is the real deal (at least as I see it), there are many reasons to Absolutely Love a vegan diet!

  • A vegan diet is GREAT for the environment!
  • A vegan diet is way better for animals
  • A vegan diet is healthier than the typical diet
  • A vegan diet is convenient

Actually, we are working making that last one a little more real to a larger audience. Right now to be vegan, you have to be willing to put a little time in the kitchen. Pie crusts are a case in point. If you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, you can go to the store and buy a store-bought pie crust. But if you are vegan or vegetarian those store-bought crusts are a no-go. That’s because every single one I’ve looked at has animal products in the ingredient list, like lard. If you don’t know what lard is, let me just explain it quickly: it’s pig fat. And to make pig fat shelf friendly, it’s been hydrogenated. What’s worse, it’s loaded with cholesterol. So, that means, if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, you still should NOT be buying store-bought pie crusts. The couple of minutes of inconvenience to make your own pie crust is NOT worth the damage to your arteries.

I’m providing a recipe for homemade Foolproof Flaky Vegan Pie Crust during Pie Week. I’ve worked and re-worked this recipe to make it as quick and tasty as possible.

Why We Shouldn’t Eat Pies

So, what about health? Yes, it’s true pies are not the healthiest thing on the planet. They’re loaded with fat and sugar, otherwise referred to as dessert. That means we shouldn’t eat it. Right?

See? This is my point about a vegan diet in general. I highly recommend healthy living and eating on a day-to-day basis. I love my spinach smoothies and I know I feel SO much better on the days I have them. I love eating my high fiber Chickpea Salad for lunch (on a sandwich or even on top of a salad). You can follow along on the Namely Marly Instagram account to see some of the kinds of healthy deliciousness I ‘m eating most every day! Here’s an example of one of my go-to favorites:

Namely Marly Lunch Photo - Black Bean Burger with Side Salad
My lunch: Black Bean Burger with Side Salad and Sweet Mustard Dressing

But here’s another truth: Life is meant to be celebrated and food is a fun part of that life-long party!

My Beautiful, Indulgent Vegan Diet

For that reason alone, I truly believe having indulgences here and there can be a part of a beautiful, vegan diet.

I learned a thing or two from Darya Rose of  The Summer Tomato, in her post 9 Tricks to Eat More Mindfully. The trick with dessert (and all indulgences for that matter), is not to overdo them. My favorite tip for eating a pie (or any decadent dessert) is to put a slice on my plate and to savor each and every bite. Eat it slowly and notice all the flavors on your tongue. Put the fork down between bites, so you don’t rush the experience (and joy) of eating it. And my other favorite tip? Share it with others. Because dessert is not a solo event, it’s better when you enjoy it with friends or family.

So that’s my advice on pie and veganism. Should vegans eat pie? Yes…there is room for both in my life.

And speaking of pie, here’s what you can expect during Vegan Pie Week:

  • How to Make Vegan Pie Crust: Foolproof Flaky Vegan Pie Crust Recipe
  • How to Make Vegan Meringue 3 Ways
  • Vegan Pecan Pie to Live for!
  • Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Vegan Coconut Meringue Pie
  • Vegan Chocolate Meringue Pie
  • I’ve curated a roundup of Vegan Pies from my favorite food blog friends!
Life is meant to be celebrated and food is a fun part of that life-long party! Namely Marly

I don’t look at veganism as a cross I have to bear: Oh, woe is me and the sad, sad limited vegan life I live.


I celebrate food and veganism is a part of that. I revel in the opportunities to create delicious vegan dishes! So, party on vegans…and have a slice pie while you’re at it!

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  1. Just want to comment that there are store-bought pie crusts that are vegan. Many of the graham cracker / Oreo style crusts are, in addition to Wewalka’s roll out crust (in the refrigerator section). Most puff pastry is also vegan if someone wants to put that pie filling to a vegan use.


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