Side Dishes

Vegan side dishes can transform your dinner from good to great! This collection of vegan side dish recipes contains the best go-to classics.

  • Stuffing Flavored Risotto

    65 mins total

    Bring the flavors of Thanksgiving to the table with this Stuffing Flavored Risotto. Vegan and Gluten-free never tasted so good!

  • Cauliflower Gratin — Vegan Cauliflower Gratin Recipe

    35 mins total

    I’ve been in search of that perfect side dish to take to the family dinner. You know, the one that’s both healthy and delicious? I think my search is over because this gratin delivers the prize on both accounts.

  • Sweet Potato Seven Layer Dip

    35 mins total

    This Sweet Potato Seven Layer Dip recipe is a healthy version of your favorite Mexican dip. It features 7 layers, with flavors just like the traditional, except this one is whole foods plant-based!

  • Easy Healthy Spanish Quinoa Recipe

    35 mins total

    I’ve been in a mood for Mexican food lately, which is the impetitus behind this delicious new recipe Spanish Quinoa. Having on hand some of my favorite Vegan Cheese Sauce made this recipe a perfect fit for a quick and easy tasty addition to our recent family Mexican-themed dinner. I think it will work for yours as well!

  • Balsamic Green Beans with Vinaigrette Glaze

    20 mins total

    I’m always in search of the best side dish for our family dinners and my current favorite is this one that features Green Beans with Balsamic Vinaigrette Glaze.

  • Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole

    30 mins total

    This easy Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole uses caramelized pecans to create a crunchy topping over mashed, savory sweet potatoes.

  • Easy Vegan 7-Layer Dip

    15 mins total

    This fresh and tasty Vegan 7-Layer Dip is packed with layers of flavor, from guacamole to beans, to cheese. It’s a real crowd-pleaser.