Vegan Cake Balls

Cake balls are all the rage right now and I didn’t want vegans to be left behind, so without further ado please welcome Vegan Cake Balls!

From what I can tell Cake Balls made their debut on the Bakeralla site. And what a buzz they have created since then. I’ve seen them on a variety of sites, different versions of the sweet original theme. With a cake mix, a container of icing, and chocolate coating, these little lovelies don’t hold back on sweetness.

I knew I wanted to make them vegan but I was searching for a way to make them a tad bit healthier. That’s when I remembered my friend Elle’s advice to keep it simple too. Eureka! I had an idea.

Inspired by the 3G Brownie post, I took a box of yellow cake mix, stirred in a can of pumpkin, baked that in the oven and used only 3/4 of a container of icing. My family will admit that these are still very sweet, but these bite-size morsels are easy to eat in moderation. Pop one in your mouth after lunch and enjoy the moment.

This recipe falls nicely into my category of “You can be vegan and still enjoy yummy foods!” It also goes with Elle’s prescription to have less than 5 ingredients (if you don’t count the sprinkles).

The weekend is coming. So kick back, make some Vegan Cake balls, and wait for the looks of delight from your family when they bite into these sweet balls of fun!

Vegan Cake Balls

Yield: 45 – 50 cake balls


  • 1 box Yellow Cake Mix (Duncan Hines Classic Yellow Cake is “accidentally” vegan)
  • 1 15 oz can Pumpkin
  • 1 container icing, (dairy free)
  • 1 cup chocolate chips, (dairy free)
  • 1 tablespoon margarine or oil, (dairy free)
  • (decorative sprinkles are optional)


Heat your oven to 350. Spray a 9 X 13 cake pan with cooking spray.

In a medium size bowl mix together the cake mix and the can of pumpkin, stirring until well blended. Spread the cake mixture into the prepared cake pan. Bake at 350 for 30 – 35 minutes.

Once the cake is done and cooled a little, cut sections of it and add it to the bowl of your food processor and pulse several seconds until you’re left with fairly small crumbs. I did this in batches to allow for the size of my food processor bowl. If you don’t have a food processor, put the cake in a bowl and use an immersion blender, or even your hands to create the necessary crumbs.

Next, get out your container of frosting. I used Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Classic Vanilla because from what I can tell it appears to be accidentally vegan. Or you can make your own icing. I used the store-bought variety to keep the steps simple for my friend Elle (she’s such a pain sometimes!). Combine the cake crumbles and the icing in a large bowl and stir until well combined.

Next create 1″ balls with the cake crumble mixture. Once you’ve gone through all the batter, refrigerate the balls for about one hour. In the meantime, use your microwave (or stove) to heat the chocolate and margarine/oil together. Dip the cake balls in the melted chocolate mixture and place on waxed paper to dry. If you want to use decorative sprinkles, be sure to place those on the chocolate before it hardens. Also, I placed a baking sheet under the waxed paper so that I could put the chocolate dipped cake balls in the refrigerator to harden a little faster. I’m not the most patient person in the world.

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22 Responses to Vegan Cake Balls

  1. OMG!…I will be making these after I get back from Florida….thank you and have a great day!

  2. Marly, I have no words, I mean…, I want those. So beautiful too!

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  4. Oooh! These make me happy just looking at them. The sprinkles, the chocolate, the pumpkin… Marly, I think I’m in love!

  5. Yum, yum these look amazing. I don’t think I could get away with eating just one!

  6. These are so cute, Marly! I bet they are delicious, and they would be so easy to decorate for the upcoming holidays too. I can see them being very pretty as a gift in a tin;)

  7. Wow, I think I stopped and stared for a minute before clicking on the link 🙂 These look delicious!

  8. These really are cute and fun. I like the idea of a can of pumpkin and the cake mix, so simple and I bet it’s really good just plain out of the pan. I think I need some vegan cake balls in my life:)

  9. Simple, delicious and adorable…these cake balls fit the bill! I’ve been wanting to make these cake balls for a long time now. I love that you were able to create such a great vegan version. Thank you for sharing…here’s to a beautiful weekend! You deserve it.

  10. Bakerella’s book is FABULOUS!! So much fun that in fact, we are making cakepops for our family holiday activity – will be great fun to have 12 of us around a table at one time, all making these delightful treasures. And it’s terrific that these are vegan – WOO!

  11. I’m a sucker for anything with pumpkin!
    These would be great to bring to our office holiday party. Easy to grab and enjoy while working. Thanks for such a simple but festive recipe!

  12. You take the most beautiful photos! Simply stunning!

    (It looks like broccoli sprouts are going to have that bite to them, from what I’m hearing…which I’m adapting to. I tend to eat them by themselves, too, as quickly as they’re grown!)

  13. Cute little vegan balls! Where can I find the dairy free items?

    • Good question, Ryan! I love to use Baker’s chocolate chunks because they’re dairy free…usually a little less expensive than other dairy free chocolate chips. I used Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix and Duncan Hines vanilla icing – both are what I like to refer to as “accidentally vegan.” I use Fleischmann’s unsalted margarine because it is dairy free as well. Hope that helps. I was hoping these would make it to Thanksgiving…but I think I’ll have to make another batch if I want to take these sweet little treats to thanksgiving dinner!

  14. These are adorable! I love that you have included pumpkin :)!

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  16. SweetLikeTea

    Do you fedEx?
    I’d like to see those in my mailbox…

  17. SweetLikeTea

    I love all these creative uses for cake mixes!

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  20. how many does this recipe yield, usually? thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Jessica. Depending on the size you make, this recipe should yield anywhere between 45 – 50 cake balls.


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