Watch Out Trader Joes: Here’s a Vegan Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seed Recipe

I read on the Oh Joy! blog that Trader Joe’s had recently introduced a chocolate covered pomegranate seed.

This led to a Marly light bulb moment! I had pomegranates in my fridge that were beginning to show signs of age…and I had dark chocolate chips humming my name in the cupboard. It seemed like a marriage waiting to happen!

I don’t happen to have  Trader Joe’s nearby so I didn’t think it would be infringing on anyone’s intellectual property if I tried making these on my own.

And I’m so glad I did. Not only was the final product delish, but my daughter and I found the process of retrieving the seeds out of a pomegranate to be relaxing, if not a tad bit compulsive (She wrote about pomegranates on her site too). We compared it to popping bubble wrap; you just don’t want to stop once you get started. And let me tell you this, there are a lot of seeds in a pomegranate.

And they’re red. Do not wear your favorite white t-shirt covered by your favorite white apron to do this task. Pomegranate seeds can be a little like a bird on a wire; they look for targets.

One more thing, pomegranate seeds are relatively small so I grouped two or three seeds for covering in chocolate. There’s a nice little “pop” when you bite into one of these so the combination of dark chocolate and the sweet burst of the seed is just heavenly. Be prepared! It’s difficult to stop popping bubble wrap and it’s similarly difficult to stop eating these!

Vegan Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds

Seeds from one pomegranate
1 bag Dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate chips (I use Baker’s chocolate chunks)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 teaspoon vanilla

See what an easy recipe this is? Just a few ingredients. Lay out a sheet of waxed paper. This is where you will put your finished product so be sure to have it near where you’re working. Melt the chocolate chips and coconut oil in a microwave. Depending on your microwave, usually 1 to 2 minutes should do the trick. Stir these ingredients together and then add the vanilla and mix thoroughly. Use a spoon to grab 2-3 pomegranate seeds at a time. Drop the seeds in a cluster in the chocolate and spoon out onto the waxed paper. If they separate a bit, you can use the spoon to nudge them back together. Work your way through all the seeds and then let them dry on the waxed paper. If you can move the waxed paper into the fridge than could help the drying process so you can start eating them sooner. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to Watch Out Trader Joes: Here’s a Vegan Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seed Recipe

  1. Oh my God. That looks ah-mazing! And how grown-up…pomegranate seeds…in chocolate. I don’t think it gets any better than that. Will be trying. For sure. =)

  2. Mmm. I’m such a texture fiend when it comes to food. I’m dying to try these so that I can experience the “pop”.

    • I love texture too. I’m sure you could use different variations on the type of chocolate you use. I liked the coconut oil melted in with the chocolate because it gave it combined well with the rest of the flavors. Wait. We were talking about texture…

  3. Wow! These sound absolutely delicious! I love pomegranates, and I agree that removing the seeds is somewhat relaxing. Subsequently dipping the seeds in chocolate sounds even better!

    • It’s the only time I’ve had my daughter fighting for the chance to do something in the kitchen. She’s starting to show more of an interest in cooking, but this recipe really caught her attention.

  4. Sounds absolutely delicious. Never thought about putting putting pomegranates and chocolate together. Awesome!

    • Me neither! Makes me wonder what other interesting combinations there are still yet to be discovered. I knew someone who brought a surprising dish to a party. He took chocolate-covered hot dog chunks…but that was a joke. They looked beautiful on the outside, but everyone who tried it got a rather startling surprise. He did get the reaction he was looking for though!



    • Alfred – I love your enthusiasm! These are really delicious mmmm mmmm good!


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