100 Things to do with Chickpeas

Vegan Banana Cream Pie

I was challenged by someone recently to create a vegan version of a Thanksgiving Family Favorite, Banana Cream Pie. What you'll find in this recipe is layers of delicious flavor, beginning with a golden cookie crust, a tasty pudding pie filling, freshly sliced bananas, and coconut cream whipped topping. You want a slice of this stuff...you know you do!

Vegan Chickpea Tuna Melt

Today's post goes through a myriad of topics from Jim Gaffigan, hate mail, and fast-swimming sea creatures. I don't know why a post about Chickpea Tuna Melts require such meandering topics, but that's what we're dealing with today. For now, let me just say that today's recipe is a perfect addition to my fresh and easy summer sandwiches...a staple when temperatures (and tempers) are on the rise.

Cheesy Creamed Cauliflower Soup

Winter may be singing her swan song, but I'm not quite ready to give up on one of my favorite parts of that season - soup. So here's my homage to winter - a vegan cheesy cauliflower soup. It's so creamy I even serve it over a baked potato with a little steamed broccoli on top. It's equally delicious in a bowl, slowly savoring one spoonful after another.