Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce

This Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce is made with sweet potatoes and, believe it or not, is everything you want from a creamy, spicy cheese sauce. This plant-based vegan nacho cheese dip is so good, you might even forget that it’s also healthy! Serve it with chips or drizzle it over steamed broccoli or your favorite veggie burgers.

A black serving dish holds vegan nacho cheese with chopped tomatoes on top and tortilla chips on the side.

If you are like me, a fan of the nacho cheese, you will love today’s post.

Because, you might also be like me and feel like the only way to make nacho cheese involves a big block of orange goo, called American cheese, AKA Velveeta.

At least, that’s what I believed for years! One block of Velveeta, one can of Rotel, and voila! Nacho Cheese Sauce!

Then I did the unthinkable and went vegan. What was I thinking! Oh, I know, I was thinking:

  • healthier
  • better for the environment
  • better for animals
  • cooler lifestyle

OK. That last one is all about me. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to go vegetarian in the first place. I just think they’re cool. I have no words to explain why! 😬

How to Make Vegan Nacho Cheese

I decided the only way to make a vegan nacho cheese sauce was to make it easy. I mean, tasty has to be part of the outcomes, for sure. But if the SAD (Standard American Diet) version of nacho cheese sauce is easy, then the plant-based version should be easy as well.

The ingredients for this plant-based nacho cheese sauce, including sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and spices.
These are the ingredients for Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce.

This recipe has 10 ingredients and they’re all ones you probably have on hand right now. Here are the ingredients:

  • cornstarch
  • sweet potatoes (with skin…it’s where the nutrients are!)
  • nutritional  yeast flakes (for cheesy flavor)
  • lemon juice
  • sea salt
  • dehydrated onions (or onion powder works)
  • garlic powder
  • paprika
  • 14.5 ounce can diced tomatoes with green chilis (aka, Rotel)

That’s it. Of course, you might want some other fun ingredients for toppings, like freshly-diced tomatoes, chopped cilantro, chopped red onion, and more.

That’s the basics of this recipe. I said it would be easy!

Ingredients for vegan nacho cheese sauce in a blender.

Favorite Vegan Cheese Dip Recipes

If you don’t think of vegan and cheese in the same sentence, you haven’t spent much time here! Because I love sharing delicious, vegan, cheesy recipes. Here are some of my favorites:

Those are some of my favorite vegan cheese dip recipes. Keep reading below for recipes from some of my favorite food blogging friends celebrating National Nacho Day!

A bowl of vegan nacho cheese sauce with chopped onions and tomatoes on top next to tortilla chips.
A bowl of vegan nacho cheese dip with diced tomatoes and cilantro on top, surrounded by tortilla chips

Vegan Nacho Cheese

This Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce is made with sweet potatoes and, believe it or not, is everything you want from a creamy, spicy cheese sauce. This plant-based cheese sauce is so good, you might even forget that it's also healthy! Serve with chips or drizzle it over steamed broccoli or your favorite veggie burgers.
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Course: Sauce
Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Resting Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 115kcal
Author: Marly


  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 cups unpeeled diced sweet potatoes
  • ½ cup nutritional yeast flakes
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • ¼ teaspoon onion powder
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ teaspoon paprika
  • 1 14.5 ounce can Diced tomatoes and green chilis (with liquid) (Rotel)


  • Combine cornstarch and water in a skillet. Stir to combine. Place over medium heat and add diced sweet potatoes. Bring to a boil then reduce to low heat and simmer 10 to 15 minutes, until sweet potatoes are tender.
  • Pour sweet potato and water in a high-speed blender along with nutritional yeast flakes, lemon juice, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika. Blend until smooth. Add a can of tomatoes and chilis, and pulse a few seconds to combine. Leave some texture from the tomatoes and chilis.
  • Let cool 5 to 10 minutes to thicken. 
  • Transfer any unused vegan nacho cheese sauce to a sealable container, cover, and refrigerate for up to 7 to 10 days.

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Nutrition Facts
Vegan Nacho Cheese
Amount Per Serving
Calories 115
% Daily Value*
Sodium 349mg15%
Potassium 446mg13%
Carbohydrates 24g8%
Fiber 4g16%
Sugar 4g4%
Protein 4g8%
Vitamin A 14215IU284%
Vitamin C 2.9mg4%
Calcium 30mg3%
Iron 0.9mg5%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

The nutrition information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator and should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.

It’s National Nacho Day!

Come celebrate National Nacho Day with me and some of my favorite food bloggers! Below are some awesome recipes for you to try in honor of this tasty national holiday.

Please note, many of these recipes are not vegetarian, let alone vegan. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like help veganizing any of these recipes. Believe me, it can be done because vegan nachos are my favorite guilty pleasure.

A roundup of nacho recipes with the text: 10 Delicious Nacho Recipes

Celebrating National Nacho Day with over 10 mouth-watering nacho recipes from a variety of bloggers:

That’s it! I hope you enjoy National Nachos Day!

5 Responses to Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce

  1. Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyKara Reply

    We love Rotel in just about anything at our house. This sounds so good!

  2. Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyJessica Reply

    You are a genius! I have some friends coming for football that don’t eat diary, so I am totally trying this.

  3. Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyAlicia Reply

    This looks great! I also grew up with the Velveeta + Rotel nacho sauce, and I’ve definitely found that making my own homemade sauce is just so much better! I have a bunch of nutritional yeast in the pantry that has just been waiting for the right recipe to come along, and this looks like the perfect way to use it!

  4. Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyIsabelle Reply

    What a genius way to turn nachos into a healthy, veggie-filled treat. I can see this being a huge hit with some of my friends who are on dairy-free diets… they’ll be so excited to have cheesy nachos they can eat!

  5. Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyMary Reply

    Doesn’t taste anything like cheese sauce. Not bad, but shouldn’t be called cheese sauce.

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