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Interview With Julie Morgenstern

If you're considering making better use of your time or improved organization a part of your 2015 New Year's Goals, then this podcast is for you! Today I'm sharing with you my interview with Julie Morgenstern, NY Times bestselling author, speaker, consultant, and overall organizational guru. You're gonna love it!

Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Cookies

It's the holiday season so it's time for some festive holiday baking. At least that's what I call it! Put on some Christmas music, turn on the Christmas lights, and have yourself some merry little shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate!

Finding Joy with Finding Vegan Holiday Recipes

Do you ever hear yourself say, "being a vegan is just to HARD during the holiday season!"? I mean, it can seam kind of true. People at the office bring in their cheesy cheese balls and you're left leaning in to the nearest cubicle wall - not part of the festivities but wanting to be. Well, here's your chance to join the fun. Check out these awesome vegan holiday recipes recently featured by Finding Vegan and you'll find yourself in the thick of the fun holiday parties. In fact, you might even be the life of the party people seek you out to say, "THIS is vegan?" Smile and waive, my friends, smile and waive.