Dessert is the best part of your favorite meals. That means you'll love these vegan dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

  • What Does Tofu Taste Like?

    You may have a lot of tofu questions, such as “what does tofu taste like?” If you’re tofu-curious and want to learn more about it, today’s post will provide a lot of answers. Soon you’ll be cooking with tofu like a pro!

  • Oatmeal Pie Crust

    60 mins total

    Every now and then you just have to throw tradition out the door and try something different. Like this healthy oatmeal pie crust, for example. It’s so easy and it’s the best tasty foundation for your favorite vegan pies!

  • Orange Turmeric Cake

    50 mins total

    Looking for something a little different? This tasty orange turmeric cake is so easy to make and absolutely delicious! If you’ve found yourself with a bunch of turmeric and wondering what to do with it, why not make a cake! Believe it or not, combined with orange, it’s surprisingly delicious!

  • Flax Egg

    4 mins total

    Learn how to make this easy flax egg to use as a favorite vegan egg substitute. You can use a flax egg for baking and even in savory recipes too. The flax seed egg substitute adds binding, moisture, and it’s healthy too!

  • Blueberry Overnight Oats

    125 mins total

    Make these easy vegan blueberry overnight oats, a healthy option for breakfast. It’s so simple: Mix the ingredients the night before. Wake up to breakfast!

  • Best Apples for Apple Pie

    What are the best apples for apple pie? What’s the easiest way to slice apples? Learn to prepare apples for pies or any sliced apple dessert.

  • Wacky Cake Recipe — Easy Chocolate Cake

    35 mins total

    If you’re into chocolate, you’ll love this light and fluffy Vegan Chocolate Wacky Cake that’s topped with a rich, indulgent, chocolate ganache-like frosting.

  • Cinnamon Muffins

    45 mins total

    These soft and tender cinnamon muffins come with a crumb topping and drizzle of vanilla icing. It’s like easy cinnamon rolls in muffin form!

  • Vegan Caramel

    65 mins total

    Make this easy vegan caramel sauce to drizzle over apples or your favorite vegan desserts. You can make this creamy sauce with only 6 ingredients — it’s so easy!

  • Blueberry Desserts

    You are going to love the best Blueberry Desserts recipes, all bursting with ripe, delicious blueberries! Of course, summer blueberry desserts are one of my favorite things about the season, because that’s when the fruit is finally getting ripe. That said, you can make blueberry recipes any time of year, thanks to frozen blueberries!

  • Blueberry Sauce

    15 mins total

    Transform pancakes into something spectacular thanks to this Blueberry Sauce. It takes only 10 minutes to make and it adds gorgeous flavor and flair to everything it touches!

  • Baked Apple Slices

    90 mins total

    If you love apple pie, but want a break from unhealthy crusts, this Baked Apple Slices recipe is made for you! Apple slices are drizzled with a sweet cinnamon sauce and baked to perfection.