My Favorite Things Vegan Holiday Giveaway

Raindrops on roses? Doorbells and sleighbells? I don’t know about you, but those may be cute, but not seriously on my list of favorite things. However, Great Holiday Gifts Ideas can add a little holiday cheer under my tree just about any day. I’ve teamed up with 6 fabulous bloggers to share our favorite things to give you some creative gift giving ideas AND we each are giving away a basket of our own Favorite Things!

Favorite Things Blog Hop Give-AwayA total of Seven Creative Bloggers chose some of our favorite things as a give-away to our readers to celebrate the holidays. Each blogger has a different gift package so make sure you hop around to see what incredibly awesome stuff you can win!  

Blog Hop

To see these amazing gift baskets and to learn how YOU can WIN, HOP over to the links below. You can enter to win the giveaway on each of these sites!

Here’s how to participate in our our BlogHop Favorite Things Give-Away:

  • Look at the gift collage above
  • Look at the bottom of this post to see my Favorite Things Vegan Gift Box up close
  • Enter to win my Vegan Gift Box via the giveaway widget at the end of the post
  • HOP to all the other sites and enter to win their gifts!

You can enter to win ONE or all SEVEN, whatever you want to do. There’s a little bit of holiday fun for everyone!

1 Miss in the Kitchen * 2 Very Culinary * 3 The Hopeless Housewife * 4 Roxana’s Home Baking * 5 Taste and Tell * 6 Lauren’s Latest

My Gift Basket

All items in my Vegan Holiday Gift Basket are selected by me, hoping to put a little extra cheer in your holiday!

How many times are we so busy doing things for other people over the holidays that we don’t find the time to do something special for ourselves? That’s the thought behind my Vegan Holiday Gift Basket — it’s full of items I really like and I thought you might like as well!

This is just one way of saying thank you for visiting Namely Marly, and for checking out my recipes, interviews and life tips.

My Favorite Things Namely Marly Vegan Gift Basket

Giveaway Includes: The awesome cookbook Great Gluten-free Vegan Eats from Around the World (Fantastic, Allergy-free Ethnic Recipes) by Allyson Kramer, Beg by Rory Freedman (co-author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Skinny Bitch), a 2 lb box of Sugar in the Raw (100% Natural Turbinado Cane Sugar), 12 oz bag of Ghirardelli All Natural Semi-sweet Premium Baking Chocolate Chips, a Zing! Dishwasher safe Silicone Spatula, a collapsable Squish 2 Cup Liquid Measuring Cup, A Zing! Silicone Turner, a set of Squish colorful and collapsable measuring spoons, and a Threshold 5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl. All of this comes in a beautiful, decorative storage box. Approximate Value $80.

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185 Responses to My Favorite Things Vegan Holiday Giveaway

  1. I have never tried a vegan holiday cookie so would be new to me!

  2. thanks for the blog hop ! fun fun

  3. Cynthia Brown

  4. Awesome giveaway! Thank you for posting. The two books look like great reads!

  5. My favorite vegan holiday cookie is my flourless double chocolate cookies. They’re almost brownie-like and full of delicious chocolate (vegan, of course)!

  6. I don’t think I have made a truly vegan cookie recipe but I would love to try.

  7. my current favorites are hellyeahitsvegan’s coconut oatmeal cookies. uh-mazing! thank you and happy holiday!

  8. I like to make date fudge balls- so decadent!

  9. vegan pumpkin bread

  10. I have a gluten free vegan chocolate chip recipe that I make all the time. Yum!

  11. a recipe I’ve changed from averie cooks and used coconut oil in place of butter

  12. ALicia Pavolko

    I would love to get this. I am constantly looking for more vegan friendly meals.

  13. My favorite vegan cookie recipe are chocolate chip.

  14. Mickey Louth

    I’m not vegan, but I have made some coconut chocolate drops that would be defined as vegan that I make throughout the year.

  15. Coconut date balls

  16. My favourite vegan cookie recipe has to be Vegan Raspberry Lemonade Cookies or a great chocolate pumpkin oatmeal cookie. I love it and they aren’t that hard to make. This giveaway would be great for me also since I am just a student and don’t have the budget to be having the vegan thing’s I want.

  17. I love Christmas baking

  18. stella becker

    chocolate chip

  19. Anything cut into a cute christmas shape… haha!

  20. Vegan chocolate chip banana bread!

  21. My cousin makes a really good chocolate one, not sure of the name.

  22. I love making raw, vegan double chocolate cookies!

  23. This is my fav vegan Christmas cookie recipe:

  24. I tried these Almond Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies from two peas and their pod. They are now my new favorite!

  25. Elizabeth Fragale

    Never had a vegan cookie! But I’ve also never said no to a cookie. 🙂

  26. Don’t have a favorite but would love to try a vegan brownie of some kind

  27. I love my cousin’s vegan double chocolate chip cookies … Not sure of the recipe though! 🙁

  28. I am not sure I have a favorite “cookie”, but right now I am loving the paleo energy bites ( I have discovered some pretty crazy food allergies lately, so I am gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. It doesn’t leave too many options in the way of traditional cookies. 🙂

  29. My favorite vegan holiday cookies are coconut rice cake cookies. Crunchy on top and chewy inside. so good!

  30. I’ve never tried a vegan cookie but would love to!

  31. I have actually only made one batch of vegan cookies for my new daughter-in-law. She has many foods she stays away from. This is ALL new to me!! I want to be able to cook for her.

  32. ColoradoConley

    I would love to re-gift that vegan baking book to our family friends that are vegans!

  33. Vegan peanut butter cookies!!

  34. i try and cook vegan at least once a month this is great !!

  35. I don’t think I’ve made any vegan cookies yet.

  36. Courtney Wilson

    I would love to win this! Everything in it looks great!

  37. Double chocolate

  38. Gina Guthrie

    vegan pumpkin bread.

  39. I love vegan chocolate chip cookie bites

  40. I have tried and like the choc chip ones

  41. claudia ellis

    one of my favorite holiday treats is pecan pretzel bites. i’m sure it’s not vegan because of the chocolate from the rolo’s but i’m sure you could make them vegan with vegan chocolate.

  42. Chloe’s cinnamon espresso cookies

  43. I haven’t tried a vegan recipe yet…

  44. I love vegan chocolate chip cookies all year long!

  45. Peggy Deloge

    Recently found out I need to eat vegan, don’t have a cookie recipe yet. Will be checking out your site!

  46. tammy cordery

    I never knew they had Vegan cookies so I don’t know sorry.

  47. Barbara Youngren

    I don’t know about vegan cookies… I hope I can learn something from here!

  48. Vegan sex in a pan dessert!

  49. I don’t have any favorites yet, as I haven’t had the chance to try many!

  50. Ginger Apple Molasses cookies. It’s the 1st of december and I just made my first batch!

  51. Michael Beckham

    Thanks for the Giveaway.

  52. flourless brownies!

  53. My favorite vegan cookie recipe is chocolate chip cookies with molasses instead of eggs. So good!

  54. I’ve never tried a vegan cookie but would love to!

  55. nutty pecan balls!

  56. Emily Adams

    I have never made vegan cookies!

  57. I have never tried a vegan cookie recipe.

  58. I haven’t tried any either and I’m excited too!

  59. I haven’t tried any vegan cookies but am looking forward to them!

  60. Susan Broughton

    My favorite is the vegan recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies

  61. I’ve never tried a vegan holiday recipe before, but think it would be fun!

  62. I haven’t tried any vegan cookies yet, but would love to start!

  63. kristin sims

    my mother makes a vegan snickerdoodles cookie, which is my favorite, thanks

  64. The sparkle ginger cookies from Vegan with a Vengance and the Mexican wedding cookies made with pecans are my favorite christmas cookies!

  65. gingersnaps

  66. Wonder what a vegan cookie tastes like? I’m willing to try!

  67. I’m a purist! I love a plain chocolate chip cookie any time of year!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  68. Robyn Conners

    I have only had vegan chocolate chip cookies, but would like to try others. Loving the cookbook! Thanks for the opportunity

  69. Cherrell Robinson

    I would Love to win.

  70. Coconut chocolate chip cookies!

  71. Cherrell Robinson

    Chocolate Chip.

  72. I have never tried a vegan recipe but would like to

  73. I love peppermint bark and the dove peppermint bark chocolates!

  74. I don’t have a favorite vegan cookie recipe… yet!

  75. Anxious to try vegan

  76. I have never had or made a vegan cookie but , I need to try some.

  77. Patience Vasil

    Haven’t had a chance to ever make vegan cookies. thank you for the Christmas give away.

  78. I have never had a vegan cookie, as far as I know. I’m not opposed to try it though.

  79. I don’t know the recipe but my sister makes some super delicious vegan chocolate cookies.

  80. Anna {Herbivore Triathlete}

    I like oatmeal chocolate chip cranberry cookies.

  81. Vegan Peanut butter cookies!!!

  82. My sister is GF and I love to make her things!

  83. Banana Chocolate Chip!

  84. vegan oatmeal cranberry cookies!

  85. Oatmeal

  86. I’ve never had any vegan cookies!!

  87. I’ve never had a vegan cookie!

  88. Andria Broom

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I havent had too many vegan cookie recipes, but I recently made chocolate coconut cookies that were vegan and came out great!

  90. sylvia waters

    anything – I mean anything! Chocolate!

  91. Linda Montes

    I don’t believe I have a vegan cookie recipe. But I would love to try some.

  92. Maggie Fout

    Vegan snickerdoodles!

  93. The Mexican wedding cakes from Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar

  94. my cousin makes these awesome vegan coconut macaroons, and they’re AMAZING!

  95. My favorite Christmas cookies are Peppernuts! (they actually have a german name, but I cant spell it haha). My family has a super long process to make them, but its a tradition!!

  96. I’ve never made vegan cookies for the holidays, but I have purchased a vegan cookie from Udi’s and it was good, but a little sweet.

  97. I’ve never had a vegan cookie before but there are some of your recipes I would love to try. It would be something new for me

  98. Sugar cookies…obviously because it has the word sugar in it! =o)

  99. My favorite vegan cookie is oatmeal raisin.

  100. I tried making one with pumpkin for my sister but it didn’t turn out very well… Hoping to try some of your new recipes. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. I love vegan baking. 🙂

  102. Amber Lafrance

    Thank you for making Vegan so accessible! Helps having somewhere to go for recipes, tips and ideas! Merry Christmas!

  103. Stephanie S.

    Vegan Spiced Pumpkin-Raisin Cookies are my favorite!

  104. I don’t have any type of favorite vegan recipe; I am starting to look into the whole vegan atmosphere so I’m still a probie. I think that the cookbook would be a great start, lol.

  105. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    Vegan Kit Kat Bars 😉

  106. Vegan is new to me. I have done many GF cookies. want to try Vegan

  107. Pam Gurganus

    My favorite vegan holiday cookie recipe is spiced oatmeal cranberry cookies!

  108. Nutmeg logs

  109. I haven’t made any, but I’m guessing the chocolate chips would be my favorite.

  110. Cheryl Sanders

    I’ve never had vegan cookies but I’m willing to try them.

  111. coconut date balls! LOVE them!

  112. I don’t have a really good vegan holiday cookie recipe that I know of – I’d love to find one!

  113. I’ve never tried one, but I certainly would!

  114. I’ve never tried one, but I certainly would!

  115. I love coconut macroons

  116. I am gradually incorporating GF baking in my baking business as well as some dairy free items. I am looking to learn more!

  117. Almond Cranberry Oatmeal cookies are my favorite vegan holiday cookie! Yummm!

  118. I can’t say that I’ve ever made vegan cookies, but I would love to try!

  119. I have never tried a vegan cookie but my sister does make a delicious vegan chocolate cake!

  120. I love my vegan peanut butter cookies!! they aren’t as good without an actual egg, but i have made them successfully with a flax egg.

  121. I love oat cookies with a bit of vegetable oil instead of butter

  122. My favorite vegan cookies are these chocolate peanut butter freezer cookies, SO GOOD! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, I’d of course love to win 🙂

  123. My favorite vegan holiday cookie is gingersnaps from: . I have friends who prefer these over non-vegan gingersnaps.

  124. Brandi Bryant

    I would like to try vegan pecan cookies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  125. Marilyn Tucker

    I have never baked a vegan cookie. I will revisit your blog and find a recipe to try. I love trying new yummies.

  126. No bake chocolate peanut butter cookies

  127. I just bought some Eat Pastry! Cookie Dough, and it is incredible! I have to say, that’s my new favorite cookie. For now…..

  128. I haven’t really tried any vegan recipes, but will if I win this cookbook!

  129. I have never tried vegan baking, but would love to start!

  130. Sand Tarts

  131. Flourless chocolate cake.

  132. I’m a vegetarian. I’ve not tried a vegan cookie recipe yet.

  133. Yana Yakhnitskiy

    vegan pumpkin bread

  134. No-cook cocoa truffels are my favourite vegan recipe! Yummy!

  135. As a vegetarian I’ve never tried vegan baking but it’s always something I have been wanting to try out!

  136. Do not know what they are called but they are crunchy and crispy covered in chocolate.mmmmm

  137. I have never tried a Vegan Holiday cookie.

  138. I have never tried a Vegan Holiday cookie.

  139. My favorite vegan cookie is mostly made up of bananas. Only good straight out of the oven though.

  140. Mmmmm, vegan chocolate chip cookies.

  141. Marnie Halliday

    Peanut butter cookies.

  142. krista grandstaff

    I have a vegan ginger snap cookie recipe that I adore!!

  143. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

  144. Don’t have one! Love butter too much 🙂

  145. My favorite vegan holiday cookie recipe is for gingerbread men.

  146. I’ve never actually tried any vegan cookies, but I’d be willing to try some!

  147. Dannielle T.

    I’ve just started exploring vegan baking so I don’t have a favorite yet but looking forward to finding one this holiday season.

  148. pumpkin!

  149. Christina williams

    I’ve never tried to bake vegan, but this year I’m trying to start new traditions!! Vegan would be a nice change to my baking routine!

  150. fig bars

  151. Lourdes Fay

    thanks for the chance to win.

  152. Hmmm… can’t say I’ve tried baking one myself, but I’d love to try. 🙂

  153. Love a classic chocolate chip cookie, vegan style!

  154. I’m new to vegan and gluten free. I’m so happy to have found this.

  155. My husband’s no-bake cookie recipe, sweetened with orange juice concentrate.

  156. My favorite are Almond Cranberry Oatmeal cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod. Link here:

  157. This year, I’m planning to try a flourless, vegan, peppermint chocolate cookie!

  158. Michelle Bowers

    I have an amazing vegan brownie recipe that everyone loves!

  159. I have not tried vegan baking yet.

  160. Just had to change my diet for medical reasons and was a yummy oatmeal cookie bar from a PA bakery. Was delicious!

  161. My friend made some yummy honey shortbreads but idk if they’re vegan…

  162. My favourite vegan holiday cooke recipe is vegan maple cinnamon shortbread! Yummmm

  163. I have never made a vegan holiday cookie, but I’d love to try!

  164. Gingerbread cookies are a classic, and last year we made raw pistachio cookies (pistachios, coconut, agave, and coconut oil) and shaped them like little Christmas trees!

  165. Mary Gardner

    Vegan Lemon Sugar Cookies!

  166. Renee Chatman

    I have not tried any vegan cookies yet but I love vegan pumpkin cheesecake!

  167. Ive tried all sorts of vegan cookies (from the ABC cookie company and Boston Cookies) but I have yet to try a *holiday* vegan cookie. My favorite is from the Boston Cookie Company called mocha chocolate chip!

  168. I’ve never had a vegan cookie…would love to try some though! 🙂

  169. This is a little bit less traditional, but I love fried sesame mochi “cookies” – they’re a little chewy like mochi, but crisp like a cookie.

  170. citrus spice cookies

  171. My favorite is vegan lemon powdered sugar cookies.

  172. One can enjoy vegan brownies anytime!

  173. Kathy Radloff

    Would love to win this for my daughter who loves vegan foods

  174. I’ve only ever had vegan chocolate chip cookies, but they were fantastic!

  175. My favorite vegan cookie is Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies by Chocolate Covered Katie. Super healthy, and made with simple ingredients!

  176. vegan pumpkin cookies

  177. Heather DeCosta

    Peanut butter cookies

  178. I have a good coconut date one.

  179. gingerbread

  180. I don’t have a favorite vegan recipe

  181. Happy blogging!

  182. Glazed fig-filled cookies with rainbow sprinkelz are my fave! 🙂

  183. I have never tried a vegan cookie recipe but need to find some so i can make cookies for my friends


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