10 Easy Vegan Banana Recipes

I’m excited to share with you today 10 Easy Vegan Banana Recipes so you can go all bananas at dessert time! These are some all-time favorite recipes for bananas — from simple vegan banana bread to banana chia pudding — you’ll want to include in your regular vegan dessert line-up!

A slice of frosted banana cake on a plate with bananas behind it. The text above it reads: Easy Vegan Banana Recipes.

Looking to make some of your favorite banana recipes vegan? This post will show you how!

The comedian Ryan Styles once said, “Never interrupt me when I’m eating a banana.” Well said, Mr. Styles. Bananas are so tasty and versatile.

You can’t go wrong when making recipes with bananas! You’ll find everything here from banana bread to vegan banana cakes!

Besides, if you’re like me, we end up buying a lot of bananas and we’re not always able to eat them before they brown to a point where they’re inedible in their more natural state.

That means we need some ripe banana recipes! For example, I love adding ripe bananas in a cake!

A mashed banana makes an excellent egg replacement for many recipes. That’s a handy trick for veganizing your favorite recipes. Bananas will leave a subtle or strong banana flavor to a recipe so be prepared.

Bananas on a white counter top.

About Bananas

Here are some interesting tidbits about bananas found on Wikipedia:

  • Bananas actually grow pointing up
  • The banana fruit develops from the flower of plant which is referred to as the Banana Heart. Ahh, that’s so sweet!
  • Bananas have a high potassium content. I mean, really high. In fact, they have so much potassium, bananas are considered slightly radioactive. Kinda scary, eh? But don’t be alarmed, we potassium in our diet because it’s necessary for heart, kidney and muscles (to name a few).
  • There are numerous varieties of bananas cultivated across the planet, but we see mostly just one, the cavendish. Believe it or not, the cavendish is not the most flavorful banana, but it is easy to transport so that’s why it is so readily available at our local grocery store.

10 Easy Vegan Banana Recipes

Enough about bananas and onto the best banana recipes! If you’re curious about how to bake with bananas, these recipes will be a good start!

Chocolate Banana Brownies

You’ve got a dilemma. What to do with overripe bananas. I feel ya! Well, these chocolate banana brownies are made sweeter with ripe bananas. You’ll love the fudgy chocolate flavor combined with bananas!

Chocolate Banana Brownies

You're going to love these rich, moist chocolate banana brownies, filled with ripe bananas, nuts, and, of course, chocolate! Thanks to whole wheat four, these bars boast fiber, potassium, and other tasty nutrients making it both delicious and a healthier dessert alternative! 
Chocolate Banana Brownies Recipe
Three slices of chocolate banana brownies sit next to each other, each with a dollop of melted chocolate over the top. A white bowl full of chocolate chips sits nearby.

Vegan Banana Panckes

Get your banana game going early in the day with these vegan banana pancakes! It’s just another of my favorite overripe banana recipes!

Vegan Banana Pancakes

These fluffy Vegan Banana Pancakes are also moist, thanks to mashed bananas in the batter. You'll love these pancakes for your weekend breakfasts, brunches, and even your weekday mornings as well.
Vegan Banana Pancakes Recipe
A stack of several vegan banana pancakes sit on a white place with a pat of melty vegan butter on the top. A pitcher is pouring maple syrup over the stack and it is dripping down the sides of the pancakes. There are yellow banana in the background sitting beside another stack of pancakes.

Banana Chia Pudding

Looking for a way to add more healthful desserts? This banana chia pudding tastes amazing and satisfies that sweet tooth like nothing else! Pudding recipes using bananas have a rich, creamy texture too!

Vegan Banana Chia Pudding

Enjoy this creamy, delicious, and gorgeous banana chia pudding with blackberry sauce. It's made with only a few ingredients but lots of flavor.
Vegan Banana Chia Pudding Recipe
Vegan Banana Chia Pudding with Blackberry Sauce in a serving dish with another dish behind it and fresh blackberries around it.

Vegan Banana Bread

The ultimate of all banana desserts is this moist and easy vegan banana bread recipe! Believe it or not, it’s easy to make banana bread vegan! This one is loaded with lots of delicious banana flavor. This best vegan banana bread is perfect on favor and texture!

Transform it into vegan banana nut bread by adding chopped walnuts to the batter. Recipes for old bananas are so handy to have around!

For a delicious and fresh twist, try this whole wheat banana bread recipe. It’s so moist you won’t believe it’s made with whole wheat four!

Vegan Banana Bread

This simple Vegan Banana Bread is a tender, sweet quick bread with a crispy crust. This loaf is made with walnuts, but feel free to make it with or without nuts—top warm slices with a pat of melty vegan butter.
Vegan Banana Bread Recipe
A slice of vegan banana bread with a pat of butter on it sits in front of the rest of the loaf.

Green Tea Banana Smoothie

This green tea smoothie with bananas is a great nutritious recipe to add to your diet! It has lots of wholesome ingredients, like bananas and even spinach! But don’t worry — you won’t taste the spinach, but you’ll get all the nutrition of drinking it! Besides, it’s oe of many of my favorite easy banana recipes!

Green Tea Banana Spinach Smoothie

This Green Tea Smoothie will add lots of zip to your day thanks to phytonutrients from spinach and nutritional value of green tea! You'll also love that the smoothie is like a matcha shake, rich and creamy! 
Green Tea Banana Spinach Smoothie Recipe
A a clear glass is full to the rim with green banana smoothie. A pink and white paper straw is on the side, and a slice of banana is in the middle of the smoothie.

Vegan Banana Cream Pie

This dreamy vegan banana cream pie is the ultimate in delicious banana desserts!

Vegan Banana Cream Pie

Every slice of this vegan Banana Cream Pie has layers of vanilla pudding, fresh bananas, coconut whipped cream, and a crispy cookie crust.
Vegan Banana Cream Pie Recipe
Banana Cream Pie on a plate

Vegan Banana Cake

Everyone loves this delicious, tender, Banana Cake recipe. It’s topped with an amazing vegan cream cheese frosting too!

Vegan Banana Cake

Take a slice of this Vegan Banana Cake (or two), spiced with ginger and cinnamon and topped with a creamy vegan cream cheese frosting.
Vegan Banana Cake Recipe
A slice of frosted vegan banana cake on a plate. In the background is more frosting and bananas.

Frozen Banana Bites

The perfect good for you treat, especially in the summer, are these Frozen Banana Bites. Imagine frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate. It’s fabulous!

Frozen Banana Bites

Frozen Banana Bites are coated in healthy things like peanut butter, ground flax seed or trail mix and then dipped in chocolate.
Frozen Banana Bites Recipe
Banana slices dipped in chocolate are a perfect vegan treat!

Banana Blondies

Imagine serving these moist banana blondies with creamy peanut butter frosting for your next party or brunch! It’s a real crowd favorite!

Banana Blondies with Creamy Peanut Butter Frosting

Super delicious and easy-to-make Banana Blondies with Creamy Peanut Butter Frosting. They take only 11 ingredients and 30 minutes to prepare!
Banana Blondies with Creamy Peanut Butter Frosting Recipe
A stack of banana blondies on a wooden table with a bowl of powdered sugar behind it.

Banana Cookies

These delicious banana cookies are frosted with some tasty icing! These are perfect to take to the office to share with colleagues!

Frosted Banana Cookies

Frosted banana cookies with peanut butter infused icing. These little cookies are bursting with so much flavor you can’t stop at one…or two…or maybe even three!
Frosted Banana Cookies Recipe
A stack of banana cookies sit next to several more cookies.

Do you have a favorite banana recipe? Please share it in the comments below!

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  1. Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyMonet Reply

    I love baking with bananas…and your post is inspiring me! I need to let a bunch ripen on my counter for a few days, and then I’ll be at it with my masher! Thanks for sharing, Marley!

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    I absolutely adore bananas. This is an awesome post, Marly! I’ll bookmark when I’m looking for recipes for nanners. 🙂

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    Fun round-up! I love banana pudding the very best.

    • Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyMarly

      Banana pudding…yum!! I especially like that in a pie shell. Sigh….

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