Vegan Halloween Recipes — Favorite Spooky Treats

Things are getting a little eerie with these spooky Vegan Halloween Recipes. Enjoy these easy, sweet, and savory vegetarian Halloween recipes with your family for this scary holiday season! Have fun with these dairy-free Halloween treats!

Any pumpkin-themed recipes are a favorite this month, such as Vegan Pumpkin Bread, Vegan Pumpkin Blondies or even these Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins!

Halloween pudding treats in glasses with the words: Favorite Vegan Halloween Recipes at the top of the image.

Halloween brings back some fun memories. But just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean all of the good times are behind you! Here are my favorite vegan Halloween recipes for your current-day vegan enjoyment!

We all love Halloween. Who could disagree with that statement? Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines. No way!

Vegan Halloween Desserts

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite vegan Halloween recipes with you so you can enjoy the good times, too! Let’s start with the sweet stuff, shall we?

These Vegan Monster Cookies are so adorable! They’re the best vegan Halloween cookies!

Vegan Halloween Monster Cookies

Have some fun with these Vegan Halloween Monster Cookies, a gooey chocolate cookie made colorful with fruity candies, and made cute with vegan googly eyes.
Vegan Halloween Monster Cookies Recipe
Several Halloween Monster cookies have candy eyes and colorful skittles on top. There's a bowl of the candies and a mini pumpkin beside them.

Let’s get a little creepy with these Vegan Halloween Pudding Cups. Made with vegan chocolate pudding, these treats aim to please in the spookiest way possible!

Vegan Halloween Pudding Cups

Make these Vegan Halloween Pudding Cups for your halloween goblins! This recipe is made in a matter of minutes and is a dairy-free way to enjoy the holiday!
Vegan Halloween Pudding Cups Recipe
Two small glasses hold chocolate pudding with candy pumpkins and a RIP graham cracker tombstone. These are vegan Halloween Pudding cups to serve at parties.

Just to continue on with the cookie theme, these Vegan S’mores Cookie Cups are pretty spectacular.

Vegan S’Mores Cookie Cups

Bring the feel of the campfire inside with these Vegan S'Mores Cookie Cups, made with vegetarian marshmallows and other yummy ingredients!
Vegan S’Mores Cookie Cups Recipe
Vegan S'mores Cookie Cups bring the fun of the campfire into the comfort of your own home.

Vegan Marshmallow Candy Corn Ghosts

And speaking of vegetarian marshmallows, why not give them a dip in some almond butter to make these Vegan Marshmallow Candy Corn Ghosts. If you love vegan Halloween treat recipes, this one is perfect. It’s such an easy recipe to make, and spooky too!

Vegan Candy Corn Marshmallow Ghosts

Enjoy a spooky Halloween with these Vegan Candy Corn Marshmallow Ghosts. Ready in 30 minutes, you’ll be entertaining your goblins in no time!
Vegan Candy Corn Marshmallow Ghosts Recipe
Vegan Candy Corn Marshmallow Ghosts - a fun, tasty, and delicious way to celebrate Halloween for your next spooky halloween party!

Vegan Halloween Monster Donuts

Hey, Halloween doesn’t just have to be an after-dinner treat. Why not get the day started with these Vegan monster donuts. Those vegan googly eyes can come in handy!

Vegan Monster Donuts

Take a bite out of these Vegan Monster Donuts. They're easy to make, fun to decorate, and delicious to eat.
Vegan Monster Donuts Recipe
Purple and green donuts with googly eyes for Halloween.

Vegan Meringue Ghost Blondie Bites

These Vegan Meringue Ghost Blondie Bites are amazing! And they’re also made with the brine from a can of chickpeas, otherwise known as aquafaba.

Vegan Meringue Ghosts Blondie Bites

These Vegan Meringue Ghosts Blondie Bites are delicious and fun Halloween treats for everyone, and you won’t believe the secret meringue making ingredient!
Vegan Meringue Ghosts Blondie Bites Recipe
Vegan Meringue Ghosts Blondie Bites make such a fun and delicious way to celebrate the Halloween holidays with friends, family, and kids!

Add Halloween sprinkles to these Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes to make your own vegan Halloween cupcakes. How festive!

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

Enjoy these chocolate cherry cupcakes for an infusion of two amazing flavors, chocolate, and cherry. These rich cupcakes are topped with silky, chocolate frosting.
Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes Recipe
Three Chocolate cherry cupcakes sit on a napkin on a wooden table.

Vegan Candy Recipes

Do you want to be known as the spooky vegan? Sounds like fun to me! So, if you’re into vegan Halloween treats, your vegan Halloween is not complete without some tasty vegan candy options. Check these out:

Vegan Kit Kat Bars

Make your own homemade Vegan Kit Kats using this simple, tasty recipe! These chocolate-covered, cream-filled wafer cookies make you feel like you're eating a favorite candy!
Vegan Kit Kat Bars Recipe
A stack of vegan Kit Kat Bars has two at the top that have been chopped in half, revealing the cookie underneath a chocolate coating. There are chocolate chips and more bars in the background.

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Making these tasty vegan peanut butter cups is easy and they're delicious. It's great to have fun treats in a versatile vegan diet!
Vegan Peanut Butter Cups Recipe
A hand holds a peanut butter cup with a bite taken out of it. It's held over a stack of more candies.

Vegan 3 Musketeers Bars

You'll love this copycat recipe for Vegan 3 Muskateers Bars! Make this delicious candy at home!
Vegan 3 Musketeers Bars Recipe
A hand holds a bite-sized vegan 3 Muskateers Bars with a bite taken out of it.

Coconut Balls

These vegan coconut balls are made with less than 10 ingredients and all natural, whole foods. Enjoy these sweet, creamy treats any time!
Coconut Balls Recipe
Almond Joy Chocolate Bites7

Vegan Dark Chocolate-Covered Almonds

Enjoy the healthy phytonutrients in these Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds as a snack, or served with popcorn for movie night, too.
Vegan Dark Chocolate-Covered Almonds Recipe
A plate full of dark chocolate covered almonds with cocoa powder sprinkled all around it.

Easy Vegan Fudge

This is a super-easy vegan fudge recipe. You'll love the silky-smooth chocolate pieces that are perfect for the holidays.
Easy Vegan Fudge Recipe
A stack of three pieces of vegan fudge sit in front of more pieces.

Savory Halloween Recipes

Halloween doesn’t have to always be about sweets. You can make some great vegan savory recipes such as dips and vegan Halloween snacks. Serve up all this Vegan Halloween Party Food for your next scary fall party!

Black Bean Dip

You can get creative with your vegan Halloween appetizers. For example, we love making this Vegan Black Bean Dip just about any time of the year. But for Halloween? Why not add some candy worms to the mix to make it extra spooky!

Black Bean Dip

Making this easy Black Bean Dip is perfect for sharing with others with a plate full of tortilla chips. Serve this dip hot or cold. Either way you'll be enjoying a healthy, fresh, and flavorful dip with friends in no time!
Black Bean Dip Recipe
A bowl of bean dip next to tortilla chips with a lime and a margarita behind it.

Carrot Hummus

Looking for some Halloween vegetable recipes? Grab a cracker and take a dip in this delicious Carrot Hummus recipe. It’s another easy-to-make hummus recipe, perfect for fall dipping season. Serve it with chopped veggies because it’s good to have some Halloween veggie ideas!

Carrot Hummus

A savory dip made of carrots, spices, and chickpeas, this carrot hummus is perfect served with chips, or used as a condiment on your favorite sandwiches and wraps.
Carrot Hummus Recipe
A bowl of carrot hummus is surrounded by chips with carrots in the background.

Vegan Spinach Dip

This vegan spinach dip is not only easy to make it’s absolutely ghoulish! If you love vegetarian Halloween appetizers, I say go green!

Serve this dip in some carved-out mini pumpkins for even more holiday fun.

Vegan Spinach Dip

This easy vegan spinach dip is a creamy, garlicky dip that makes snack time a treat. Serve this vegan dip with tortilla chips, potato chips, crackers, or veggies, and enjoy!
Vegan Spinach Dip Recipe
Two white dishes hold vegan spinach dip, one in front of the other. A pile of tortilla chips sit in the background.

Green Hummus

This Green Hummus is one of the most flavorful recipes around. Serve it with chopped veggies or pita chips.

Green Hummus

Enjoy this delicious, colorful green hummus with pita chips, crackers, or serve it as a condiment on sandwiches too.
Green Hummus Recipe
A closeup of green hummus topped with chopped greens and pine nuts and a plate of sliced red bell peppers behind it.

If you’re looking for vegan, gluten-free Halloween recipes, hummus is always a great go-to option.

Don’t you love all these spooky vegan Halloween recipes? Happy Halloween feasting!

This post was originally published in 2018 and was updated to include new photos and new text in 2020.

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