Favorite Vegan Halloween Recipes

Things are getting a little spooky with these Favorite Vegan Halloween Recipes. Enjoy these easy sweet and savory recipes with your family for this scary holiday season!

Halloween pudding treats in glasses with the words: Favorite Vegan Halloween Recipes at the top of the image.Halloween brings back some fun memories. Am I right? But just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean all of the good times are behind you! Here’s my Favorite Vegan Halloween Recipes for your current-day vegan enjoyment!

We all love Halloween. Who could disagree with that statement! Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines. No way!

My Favorite Vegan Halloween Recipes

Today I’m sharing with you some of my Favorite Vegan Halloween Recipes so you can enjoy the good times too!

Let me start by sharing these Vegan Halloween Monster Cookies. Aren’t they adorable!

I love the fruity flavors of Skittles combined with chocolate so that makes these cookies extra special!
A hand reaches in to to grab a chocolate cookie with googly eyes to look like a Halloween treat.

Just to continue on with the cookie theme, these Vegan S’mores Cookie Cups are pretty spectacular! This recipe requires a couple of special ingredients: 1) Vegetarian marshmallows (found at most health food stores and in the health food section of grocery stores) and 2) dark chocolate. These cookies are totally worth a trip to the health food store for both!

Let’s get a little creepy with these Vegan Halloween Pudding Cups. Hmm? Made with vegan chocolate pudding, these treats aim to please in the spookiest way possible!

Two glasses are filled with vegan chocolate pudding with candy pumpkins and an oval cookie with the letters RIP.

Anyone who is vegan or even vegetarian may miss their s’mores days…because marshmallows are not vegetarian. 😱

I know!

But don’t be gloomy because there are vegetarian/vegan marshmallows these days and this Vegan S’mores Cookie Cup recipe takes full advantage of commercially bought vegan marshmallows. You can find these marshmallows at most health food stores and even the health food aisles of many local grocery stores.

Several vegan s'mores cookie cups are sitting on a brown napkin.

And speaking of vegetarian marshmallows, why not give them a dip in some almond butter to make these Vegan Marshmallow Candy Corn Ghosts! This is such an easy recipe to make and kind of spooky too!

Several vegan marshmallows have been dipped to look like vegan candy corn marshmallow ghosts.

Hey, Halloween doesn’t just have to be an after-dinner treat. Why not get the day started with these Vegan Halloween Monster Donuts. Those vegan googly eyes can come in handy!

Vegan donuts have been dipped in purple and green icing and have googly eyes to look like vegan halloween monster donuts.

These Vegan Meringue Ghost Blondie Bites! They’re amazing! And they’re also made with the brine from a can of chickpeas, otherwise known as aquafaba. Who knew you could make meringue ghosts from chickpea juice. The good news? It’s not made from eggs. The even better news? It tastes delicious and can be served as ghosts on these blondies, but also makes a nice meringue for Vegan Chocolate Meringue Pie as well.

Several treats on a baking pan made from vegan blondies with meringue on the top and faces drawn in black to look like vegan meringue ghosts.

Savory Halloween Recipes

Halloween doesn’t have to always be about sweets. We love making this Vegan Black Bean Dip just about any time of the year!

A hand reaches in with a tortilla chip to dip from a bowl full of black bean dip topped with fresh tomatoes.

Grab a cracker and take a dip in this delicious Carrot Hummus recipe. It’s another easy-to-make hummus recipe, perfect for fall dipping season!

A bowl of carrot hummus is surrounded by chips with carrots in the background.

If you’re into vegan halloween treats, you should definitely check out some of these from my vegan friends across the internet:

Whichever of these Favorite Vegan Halloween Recipes you’re chomping on, enjoy!

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