Vegan Cinco de Mayo Recipes

These easy vegan Cinco de Mayo recipes showcase all your favorites Mexican recipes veganized! Get your Cinco de Mayo menu on point with bean dips, nachos, margaritas, tacos, guacamole, and so much more.

Vegan Mexican Lasagna in a casserole dish with chopped veggies on top.

Celebrating the holidays can be a lonely time for vegans. That’s because so many holidays focus on dishes that are not always easy to veganize. It’s one of the reasons we started this site, because Shawn and I want you to know how easy and delicious vgan can be!

Cinco de Mayo is one of the best holidays for vegans because it’s so easy to create delicious plant-based Mexican dishes.

Vegan Cinco de Mayo Recipes

If you’re curious about what all the Cinco De Mayo celebrations are all about, it literally means May 5. This day commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory at the Battle of Puebla. So, in the spirit of the holiday, we can all find our own victories to celebrate as well!

Below you’ll find salsa recipes, enchiladas, tacos, nachos, dips, and more.

Vegan Mexican Appetizers

Every time I think of Cinco de mayo, I immediately crave chips and salsa. In fact, I think you can judge the quality of a Mexican restaurant based on that one simple appetizer. How good is the chips and salsa?

The good news is that there’s a variety of delicious plant-based appetizers you can make at home that are easy and delicious.

Vegan Jalapeño Poppers

These baked vegan jalapeño poppers create a perfect appetizer with a crispy crust, tender peppers, and cheesy filling. Serve this treat for parties or for snacks.
Vegan Jalapeño Poppers Recipe
A closeup of vegan baked jalapeño poppers on a paper.

Easy Vegan Loaded Nachos

How about these easy Vegan Loaded Nachos for your next snack or even mealtime! These nachos are topped with savory jackfruit, vegan cheese, and much more.
Easy Vegan Loaded Nachos Recipe
Vegan Loaded Nachos - try these flavorful and easy vegan nachos any night (or day) of the week!

Vegan Guacamole

You’ll love this zesty, savory Vegan Guacamole to add to your favorite salads, burritos, soft tacos and more. We make this on repeat!
Vegan Guacamole Recipe
Looking down on a bowl of guacamole with tortilla chips and cherry tomatoes around it.

Sweet Corn Salsa

Try this quick and easy Sweet Corn Salsa to pour over your home-made burrito bowls, tacos, and salads. It's fresh, easy, and so delicious!
Sweet Corn Salsa Recipe
A bowl holds a fresh batch of corn salsa. There's a lime behind it.

Sweet Potato Hummus

Prepare this sweet potato dip for your next party and enjoy the oohs and ahhs of guests as they dip into this smoky vegan, gluten-free snack!
Sweet Potato Hummus Recipe
A close-up shot of sweet potato hummus in a bowl. It's topped with chopped cilantro, olive oil, and paprika. There's another bowl and tortilla chips in the background.

Vegan 7 Layer Dip

This Vegan 7-Layer Dip is going to find its way to your heart because it’s so easy to throw together and no one will guess it’s vegan!
Vegan 7 Layer Dip Recipe
A close-up shot of vegan 7 layer dip shows layers of beans, veggie crumbles, and more toppings.

Vegan Queso Blanco

This is a simple vegan queso blanco dip recipe made with only 5 ingredients and ready in 5 minutes (or less)! Serve it as a dip or pour over nachos or your favorite bean burritos.
Vegan Queso Blanco Recipe
Vegan Cheese Dip is surrounded by tortilla chips and ready to serve

Mexican Side Dishes

I love the idea of creating a vegan burrito bar or taco bar. That means creating several side dishes people can use to build their own burrito. This makes the best vegan Mexican party food!

Here, you’ll find a variety of side dishes to serve alongside your favorite “South of the Border” dishes!

Spanish Quinoa

This Spanish Quinoa is a delicious recipe with less than 10 ingredients, so it's easy to make and even easier to eat. Serve with your favorite Mexican dish. You can also use it in burritos or added as toppings to salads, baked potatoes, and more.
Spanish Quinoa Recipe
A bowl of Spanish quinoa sits in front of two tomatoes.

Black Bean Dip

Making this easy Black Bean Dip is perfect for sharing with others with a plate full of tortilla chips. Serve this dip hot or cold. Either way you'll be enjoying a healthy, fresh, and flavorful dip with friends in no time!
Black Bean Dip Recipe
A bowl of bean dip next to tortilla chips with a lime and a margarita behind it.

Vegan Baked Beans

Any outdoor grilling feast or party is made even better with these smoky-sweet vegan baked beans. Based on a timeless family recipe, these baked beans have deep Midwestern roots and will be the star of the dinner table!
Vegan Baked Beans Recipe
A spoon holds a serving of vegan baked beans hovering over over the rest of the dish full of it.

Vegan Coleslaw

This simple, but flavorful vegan coleslaw will be the hit of your summer picnics. Serve it as a salad, over street tacos, or even on a BBQ sandwich!
Vegan Coleslaw Recipe
Looking down on the right side of a bowl of coleslaw with a bowl of more coleslaw sauce in the background.

Mexican Cocktails and Beverages

It’s not only food for Cinco de Mayo that’s on our minds. We’re looking for tasty beverages too. And speaking of beverages, who doesn’t like a margarita?

Even if you don’t drink, you can leave out the tequila and still enjoy the delicious and refreshing fruity flavors of this favorite drink. Here are some delicious variations of Mexican cocktails and beverages, !

Hibiscus Margaritas

This hibiscus margarita cocktail is a refreshing, satisfying, and easy to make a homemade margarita.
Hibiscus Margaritas Recipe
Two glasses of Hibiscus Margaritas with lime wedges around them.

Raspberry Mojito

This may be the best summertime drink ever with hints of raspberries, mint, and lime. Add a little rum, and you have the perfect raspberry mojito that makes this refreshing drink something a little sassier.
Raspberry Mojito Recipe
A glass holds a red beverage with slices of lime, mint, and raspberries both in the glass and around the glass too.

Peach Sangria

Serve this Peach Sangria at your next outdoor party or any night of the week. With only a few ingredients, this white sangria recipe is so easy to make and refreshing!
Peach Sangria Recipe
Looking into a wine glass full of peach sangria, ice cubes, raspberries, and peach slices.

Watermelon Slushie

Get refreshed and energized with this delightful Watermelon Slushie recipe made from whole food ingredients!
Watermelon Slushie Recipe
Two glasses full of watermelon slushies have raspberries and mint leaves around them. There are watermelon wedges as garnishes in the drink and also sitting behind the drinks too.

Hibiscus Tea

Learn how to make hibiscus tea with an infusion of dried hibiscus flowers and fresh ginger. It's a refreshing drink that you can make in minutes and enjoy all summer long.
Hibiscus Tea Recipe
Two glasses of hibiscus tea have lemon slices on the side and ice in the glasses.

Vegan Skinny Piña Colada Cocktail

This vegan, gluten-free, and skinny piña colada smoothie cocktail recipe is around 160 calories per serving and is just as rich and creamy as you'd want it to be. Add a sprig of mint for a splash of color when serving.
Vegan Skinny Piña Colada Cocktail Recipe
A pina colada cocktail has a piece of pineapple on the glass with a fresh pineapple behind it.

Vegan Taco Recipes

Vegan Tacos

Make these delicious vegan tacos full of all your favorite toppings.
Vegan Tacos Recipe
Looking down on 3 soft tacos with cherry tomatoes around it. There's also a bowl of salsa and a bowl of guacamole by it.

Vegan Taco Salad

This tasty vegan taco salad is a meal that serves as a perfect and healthy alternative to traditional tacos. It's surpsisingly easy to make, not to mention a beautiful salad, too!
Vegan Taco Salad Recipe
A bowl holds a salad with lots of toppings, such as chopped guacamole, taco veggie crumbles, black beans, vegan cheddar cheese, and more. There is a head of lettuce and tomatoes in the background.

Jicama Tacos

Serve these crunchy Jicama Tacos with your favorite plant-based fillings, or use jackfruit carnitas and this chunky avocado salsa. It's a healthy and delicious meal any day of the week!
Jicama Tacos Recipe
A hand holds a jicama taco. There's another taco in the background on a plate with limes and cilantro.

Cinco de Mayo Dinner Recipes

If you’re ready for the main course, you’ll love these plant-based Mexican dinner recipes. You’ll find everything from soups to enchiladas, tacos and more!


Make this simple sofritas recipe of braised tofu and add it to your favorite vegan tacos, taco salads, burritos, burrito bowls, and more!
Sofritas Recipe
Looking down on a bowl of greens topped with rice, sofritas, and sliced avocados. There are tortilla chips by the plate too.

Vegan Taquitos

Vegan Taquitos are super easy to make. A tortilla has creamy plant-based filling and is rolled and baked until crispy. Then serve them with a delicious avocado sauce for the ultimate vegan comfort food!
Vegan Taquitos Recipe
Vegan chicken taquitos are on a plate next to guacamole.

Easy One-Pot Taco Red Quinoa Soup

Let’s talk about this Taco Soup. Because it’s kind of like chili, but not quite. Because it’s flavored with taco seasoning. Get it?
Easy One-Pot Taco Red Quinoa Soup Recipe
Easy, One-Pot Taco Soup. Because it's Fall and time to start wearing jeans again!

Vegan Black Bean Burrito

This easy vegan black bean burrito recipe is made with brown rice, potatoes, corn, and salsa. Served in a crispy burrito shell and topped with guacamole.  It's good, clean, plant-based food that you'll want to serve on repeat!
Vegan Black Bean Burrito Recipe
Close up of a Crispy Black Bean Burrito cut open showing black beans, pinto beans, tomato, corn and diced potatoes

So simple, so filling, so delicious, this Mexican Inspired Stuffed Sweet Potatoes by Natural Girl Modern World is picture perfect!

There are so many ingredients you can put on street tacos. One of my favorites is this bulgogi flavored jackfruit. Seriously, check out my Jackfruit Street Tacos and you’ll see why I love it so much!

Bulgogi Jackfruit Tacos

Dig into these bulgogi jackfruit tacos that are easy to make, fun to throw together and so delicious to eat. You'll be coming back for more!
Bulgogi Jackfruit Tacos Recipe
Vegan Bulgogi Street Tacos

Vegan Mexican Desserts

We can’t have the best vegan Cinco de Mayo recipes without having some desserts included. That’s right. Your celebration doesn’t have to end with dinner and margaritas. You can enjoy these delicious Mexican-themed sweets with your Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

Vegan Coconut Cake

You can’t deny this delicious, creamy Vegan Coconut Cake – it’s the perfect combination of sweet coconut, vanilla cake, and creamy frosting!
Vegan Coconut Cake Recipe
A slice of vegan coconut cake on a plate with the rest of the cake behind it.

Vegan Flan

Grab your forks for this simple but elegant easy vegan flan recipe. It's made with only a few ingredients but lots of show-stopping flavor!
Vegan Flan Recipe
Easy Vegan Eggnog Flan

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

These ooey-gooey salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bars boast a dense, flavorful base topped with a delightfully creamy vegan caramel sauce.
Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Recipe
A stack of vegan caramel chocolate chip cookie bars with vanilla ice cream on top and melted caramel drizzling over the sides.

Whatever of these easy Cinco de Mayo Recipes you make, enjoy!

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